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These events occur in real time…so now you can join super duper federal agent Jack Bauer in 24 Slots and chase bad guys and cash prizes at the same time. Just make sure to keep an eye out for snipers…and your bankroll.

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  • Few Clips from the Show
  • Hugely Disappointing

Review of 24 Slots

When 24 first premiered in 2001 I was instantly hooked, just like millions of other viewers across the USA. However, sometime during season 3 it began to lose steam and shortly after that I stopped watching entirely. I can’t clearly remember what my reasons were but as we all know, life before DVRs was hard!

I tell you this story because you should know that I did like the show at one time but this review of 24 Slots is going to be harsh: just don’t think it’s because I didn’t like the show. The review is harsh simply because it’s terrible.

This title is quite possibly the “E.T. Atari Video Game” of the gambling world: a release that was quickly thrown together to capitalize on the popularity of a show that ultimately ended up being a huge disappointment. This one should have you yawning after only a few minutes so don’t waste your time unless you’re a super fan.

I’m federal agent Jack Bauer…and today is the longest day of my life.” Well I know just how you feel, Jack – playing 24 Slots was definitely the longest 45 minutes of my life. At least now maybe I can help a few people to not make the same mistake.


It’s obvious what many of you are going to think when you look at the screenshots below: “Couldn’t she have found some more exciting images to publish in this review?” Well the answer is, “no“. This is literally as exciting as it gets…and it was hard to even find ones that were this “interesting”. Click them to enlarge and bask in their mediocrity.


There is only one man standing between the safety of the USA and it’s total annihilation: federal agent Jack Bauer. Day after day (and season after season) Jack must thwart terrorist plots to assassinate the president or to blow up a landmark and kill thousands of innocent civilians. Wherever there is a chance of a catastrophic occurrence, Jack is there to stop the bad guys and save the day.

Sadly, no one saved us from this stinker and it was ultimately released, heaping misery on countless unsuspecting innocents. There is absolutely no storyline to it and it’s just made up of random images and soundbites from the television show. There are no goals to achieve or even a clear enemy to fight. They could have easily taken any one of the plots from the show’s nine seasons but instead iSoftBet decided to play this one safe and not reference any of the stories. What a disappointment.

Unique Symbols

When it comes to unique symbols, this machine lets down fans big time. There are only a couple of original ones and they even chose to have their Wild simply say “Wild” on it. They also relied on playing card ones of 9, 10, J, Q, K and Ace, which are designed in the same “digital clock” font as the 24 title card from the television show. A disappointing effort from everyone involved.

  • 9
  • 10
  • J (Jack)
  • Q (Queen)
  • K (King)
  • A (Ace)
  • Gun
  • CTU Crest
  • Jack Bauer
  • Wild (Wild)
  • Badge (Scatter)
  • 24 Logo (Bonus)

The Wild will only appear on reels #2, #3, and #4, and will give you a re-spin in addition to changing to a symbol that will give you a winning payline. The highest-paying is of course Agent Bauer, followed by the CTU Crest and gun.


There are no true progressive prizes in 24 Slots but it claims to have a “Bonus Jackpot” that can be won during the special feature by shooting bad guys. Most people would agree that the potential prize amounts aren’t large enough to hold the title of “jackpot” so this is getting close to “false advertising”.

Many reading this will probably feel that a game about someone named “Jack” should have definitely had a “Jack-pot” but let’s just move on. Yes, our puns are terrible.

Bonus Rounds

Three Jack Bauers gets you into the bonus round and it starts off with a bang. A hand lunges in and hurls a bundle of dynamite sticks at the reels which blows some of the symbols up to make them Wild. Then a machine gun comes in from below and shoots up some more of the board, revealing more Wilds, followed by a 9mm hand gun blasting away to reveal even more Wilds. Talk about action-packed!

If you hit enough Scatters you will then be brought to a bomb that you have to defuse by cutting wires. Each time you cut the right wire you add to your balance or get a larger multiplier, but clip the wrong one and you will exit the area and collect your winnings. The number of Scatters that you hit to enter the round will determine how long you have to disarm the bomb, but the time will increase as you reveal multipliers. You have the opportunity to receive up to 100x your original wager amount in this particular feature.

As referenced above, with each spin in normal mode a timer counts down in the corner of the screen. Once it hits zero you will be taken to a unique area where you can win a “bonus jackpot” if you shoot the terrorists in masks and outlined in neon orange. The cash prize amounts awarded will vary.

The action finishes with a loud bellow of “THIS IS OVER!” by federal agent Bauer that’s neither welcome nor necessary.

Free Spins

As already noted, you get one free spin every time you have a 24 Wild involved in a payline win, which doesn’t sound like a lot because it isn’t. However, if you happen to get a Scatter on reel #3 you will receive 10 spins, which isn’t that bad.

After hitting a 24 Wild it will freeze in place and if more than once comes at once, all of them will freeze in place for the do-over. Additionally, the Wild will turn one, two, or three other symbols Wild for that gratis spin.


For a boring, unimaginative game, we do have to give the graphic designers of this machine a little respect. The swirling 24 Wilds look great when you hit three or more of them on the board but the main issue of course is that the graphics basically stop there. It does have a quick little video clip of Jack Bauer aiming a gun if you hit him in a payline win, but it’s too little, too late.

The main background images behind the reels rotate between action shots of Jack: sometimes he’s holding a gun, sometimes he’s looking cool in sunglasses, and sometimes he’s leaning on a wall staring at you with a sexy look on his face. Side images of the bleak offices of the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) accentuate the surroundings.

Audio & Soundtrack

There are strange random audios that scream out at you during the action. Weird phrases such as, “Open the door!!” and “Lemme see your hands! LEMME SEE YOUR HANDS!!” These audios are both jarring and confusing. “DO YOU WORK FOR HIM!?!?” Geez, take it down a notch, Jack. “TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO KNOW!!!” Ok! We’ll tell you!! This game is terrible and we’re not going to play it anymore!

Regarding the soundtrack, the song in the background of the regular mode is harmless enough, however, it doesn’t add any excitement or drama to the action. It will faintly remind you of the musical score from the show.


This is probably one of the worst reviews that we’ve ever published but 24 Slots definitely deserves it. Whether it’s the lack of unique symbols, the lack of a free spins mode, the unnecessary loud screams, or the boring bonus rounds, this release just doesn’t deliver on any level.

However, if you are a diehard Jack Bauer fan you will probably get a few hours of entertainment out of it if you really try. Or if you are someone that loves slots that randomly shout aggressive phrases at you, this game is probably for you, as well.


Random Video of 24

Here is a great clip of Kiefer Sutherland on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In it he discuses the history of the show 24 and how his classic catchphrase of “Dammit!!” came to be. Although Kiefer plays one of the toughest guys on television, he always seems so nice and genuine in interviews. You gotta love him!

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