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Greetings fellow slots players!

My name is Betty Dee (Betty D.) and I am absolutely delighted to be able to welcome you to my very own website! On these pages I will provide you with tons of useful information that’s based on my years of playing online slots games. I love all different types of games, so you will find a wide variety reviewed on this site, including some information on software, bonuses, promotions, and things like that.

So just where do I get off calling myself the “Queen of Online Slots”?? Well, first and foremost, I do consider myself somewhat of an expert, since I have played tons of different games over the years. To be clear, I am not an expert in the technical details of the software or any of the stuff like that – I am just someone who has played hundreds and hundreds of different games, and I know what’s good and what’s bad, (or at least what I like, and what I don’t). My reviews will always focus on the entertainment level of each, and not payout percentages or boring things like that.

Secondly, my husband always says, “Yes my Queen”, when I ask him to fill up my wine glass in the evenings. I’m not sure why he says that – I do more of the chores around here than he does! Anyway, it just sounded good when we were thinking about possible names for the website.

If you’re wondering how a retired, slots-loving grandmother of four ended up with such a cool looking website, allow me to tell you. My son, Harry, is an absolute wizard with computers and he built me this website. He even taught me how to publish my own articles on the site and do a few things.

So to give everyone the full credit they deserve for helping me out, the list of “employees” is as follows: my son Harry Tee (Harry T.) is the tech guy, my daughter Annie does all of the design work, and I write all of the reviews for the slots games that I play. I don’t like a lot of violent slots, or games that are based on pop culture that I know nothing about, so Harry writes those reviews, (he’s also an avid slots player – I guess it runs in the family). Oh, I also have a friend who writes the occasional news article for me – Cindy “Sunshine” Sullivan.

My husband is from Amsterdam, so we spend a good chunk of time over there every year. I take full advantage of my time in Europe and try to play all of the games that aren’t available in the U.S. online casinos, (which unfortunately is quite a lot of them). If I’m not in Europe you can find me at home in South Florida, or skiing in my home state of Vermont – yes I still ski…I plan on enjoying my retirement to its fullest!

I’m always happy to meet new people and answer any questions if I can, so do not hesitate to fill out the form on the Contact Us page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope that you all enjoy the website, and may Lady Luck always be at your side!!

Betty Dee – The Queen of Online Slots

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