Free Spins

QOOS Free SpinsWe can probably all agree that one of the main reasons we play online slots is the thrill of triggering the free spins mode and watching the wins stack up without risking any of our beloved bankroll. There’s also the excitement of not knowing how much it’s going to boost your balance by the end of the round, or if you’ll be lucky enough to cash out a big winner.

Each game has it’s own unique way of awarding free spins to the player, which is why we extensively review all of the most popular titles and fully explain how you trigger the free games mode and what happens during the round. Most often, free spins are awarded for achieving a result in a single spin, (usually three or more Scatter symbols), or sometimes you’ll be chasing a symbol that actually says “Free Games” directly on it.

Each slot is different when it comes to the actual amount of free spins that you’ll receive, however, this is another piece of information that we give you in each exclusive review. My personal favorites are the games that will give you more free spins depending on how many Scatter symbols you had in the triggering spin. Obviously, in a perfect world the more Scatters you hit, the more free spins you should receive, but sadly this often isn’t the case.

Another huge difference between free spins modes is whether or not you can re-trigger free games while you’re freerolling. Every player enjoys winning free games with free games, but most online slots don’t offer this feature. There’s no greater feeling than hitting a hot streak and going on a freeroll binge courtesy of re-spins, but this is a pretty rare occurrence. Again, if you want to know exactly what a game has on offer, always be sure to read the Free Spins sections of our slots reviews because we clearly explain how everything works and confirm whether or not you can win more free games while in free spins mode.

Ferris Slots Free SpinOccasionally you’ll find a game that offers a twist on the traditional free spins and offers a re-spin on losing spins, like the amazing Big Lebowski online slot game. You literally get a free spin every time you don’t win so there’s always a steady stream of freebies flying at you every time you play it. However, it’s important to remember that you’re actually paying for the re-spins the whole time due to the wager size that the game requires every spin, which is in relation to the number of paylines that you’ve chosen to bet on. Sometimes all that glitters is not pure gold, but in this particular case we don’t really mind because the game is tons of fun and we’re huge fans of the movie, (well, at least my son is).

Free Spins Modes

The free spins mode is where an online slot can really stand out and separate itself from the competition, which is why we always pay so much attention to this area. Some casino software companies don’t seem to care about this when creating their games and it really doesn’t make any sense because the competition for gambling dollars these days is fierce. There are literally 1,000s of online slots available 24 hours a day so why not create the best games possible?

Superman the Movie Free Spins in CanyonThe good news is that a lot of new slot games have beefed up their free spins modes with extra prizes and/or features, and the graphics are really getting unbelievable. For example, Superman The Movie Slots by Playtech has an amazing free games round that’s always exciting when it’s triggered and it really blows you away. There are so many moving pieces and animations that I get sucked into the story every time.

For those of you out there who don’t like unique bonus rounds and want to play slots that only have free spins modes, you’ll definitely want to focus on the 243 payline games. This is because they pretty much never have a bonus round and really only offer free games as a reward. With all of those ways to win there’s no room in the budget for a unique bonus area and all of the hard work that would have to go into creating it, so the software companies opt to simply just have free spins. I’m not really a fan of these 243 payline machines but I still have some fun with them sometimes, with the Terminator 2 online slot being one of my personal favorites from this particular category.

Free Spins No Deposit

Ok we get it – you want free spins with no deposit and you don’t want to wager any real money until you’re sure that you like the game. These feelings are natural so please don’t be ashamed; we’re here to help. That said, you need to remember that there is a big difference in an online casino giving you free play on a slot game vs. giving you free spins with no deposit and allowing you to win real money with them.

Pretty much every casino on the internet will let you play their games for free after signing up with them for a new player account, but there’s no way in heck that they’re going to offer any real cash prizes for you to win while you freeroll. Although, some operators will occasionally have promotions that include a free spins package if you deposit, but you’ll only be able to withdraw any winnings if you meet their rollover requirements first. Yes – this means that you’re going to have to wager real money at some point so you might as well get it out of the way in the beginning.

Finally, you should know that the casino is always going to control which online slot machines that you can use the free spins on and sometimes they only have one featured game that you can play. Oh, and you shouldn’t expect to win a jackpot with free spins because those machines are never available to freeroll on without a deposit.

Free Spins No Deposit USA

If you live in the United States and are looking for free spins at an online casino you’re not going to have very many options due to the lack of competition. In the mid-2000s Americans had literally hundreds of choices on where to play but these days it’s quite limited so there’s not nearly as many promotional offers available. The operators simply don’t have to work that hard to get new players.

Therefore, there are currently zero U.S.A. online casinos that offer free spins to win real money so American players are going to have to settle for packages that are contingent on making a cash deposit. Not to worry though, because we constantly search high and low for the best promotions we’ve identified one operator who stands out and that’s the BetOnline Casino, which offers a great welcome bonus of 100% on your first deposit. Once you are signed up you will be able to access a ton of great offers and free money opportunities, so you’re just going to have to cough over a bit of cash to unlock them all.

As mentioned above, most U.S. casinos will let you play their games for free after you open a new gambling account with them but you obviously won’t be able to win real money while you freeroll.

Free Spins No Deposit Canada

Those living in the Great White North who want some free spins without depositing should check out the Royal Vegas Casino and take advantage of their great offers. For starters, they’ll give you 50 free games just for signing up a new player account so you can try your luck before wagering any of your hard-earned beaver pelts, (at least that’s what we assume the currency is up there, but in fairness, it could be hockey pucks).

All jokes aside, there are many Canadian online casinos available and players from Prince Rupert to Conception Bay have tons of choices of where to go. Of course, some are going to be better than others and offer more games, better bonuses, or friendlier customer service agents, so it all depends on what’s most important to you as a player. We only promote our favourite operators from Canada on this site so don’t be shy to click through and check a few of them out, eh.

Free Spins No Deposit UK

Those who live in the United Kingdom are cursed with terrible weather and even worse food, but at least they’re blessed with a plethora of options when it comes to online casinos that offer free spins with no deposit. Thanks to strict government regulations and the overall “Nanny State” in England and her territories today, players are assured that every one of their casino options has been properly vetted and is regularly audited by an independent firm. This leads to fierce competition when it comes to attracting new players since everyone has already been proven to be fair and honest, and they’re all playing by the same rules.

However, some older, more-established operators don’t feel that they should have to bait new customers to come through their doors so it’s usually those who are new to the scene that give out the really juicy offers. In the spirit of that, Casino Cruise is giving any player who signs up a new account 55 No Deposit free spins that can be used on Starburst Slots, the highly entertaining game by NetEnt. All aboard!

Free Spins No Deposit Australia

In addition to their drains spinning backwards and sharing a collective contempt for dingos, Australians also have a hard time finding free spins at online casinos without making a deposit. This is due to their aggressive government’s smothering gambling regulations which have scared away a lot of operators, but the good news is that there are still a few options for those living Down Under and not all hope is lost.

The reality is that even though the government tries to crack down on internet betting, they are ultimately powerless to block their citizens from playing online slots because the Australian government doesn’t own the internet. So to honour the rebellious spirit of this former prison colony we recommend the MyBookie Casino to any Aussie who wants to live free and thumb their nose at their oppressors. In fact, feel free to check out any of the Australian online casinos on this website – Ned Kelly would be proud of you. Good on ya!

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