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Welcome to QueenOfOnlineSlots.com, your best source for unbiased online slots games reviews and advice. Calling yourself the Queen of anything is a very bold statement, but in this case it is deserved. I’ve been playing online slots for over 20 years and I’ve seen thousands of games, so I shall wear my crown with pride!

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Queen of Online Slots

Best Slots Online

This website was created to save you time and money by doing all of the hard work for you and compiling a list of the best slots online, and documenting the details of each all in one place. I have personally played in multiple online casinos and have tested thousands of slot games, and started making notes about each so I would remember if it was good or not. Eventually my son starting doing the same for the games he tried, and before you knew it we had a stack of notes a foot high.

As you read our exclusive reviews you will see that we pull no punches and always tell it like it is. So if you use this website as a guide you’ll only be playing the best slot games that are available online today. Not to mention, you might crack a smile as we rip into titles that are absolutely terrible and not worth a penny.

Movie Themed Slots

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We play movie-themed slots and write detailed reviews so you can avoid the box office bombs and save your money for the smash hits.

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TV Show Slots

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Some of the greatest television shows of all time have been immortalized with fun releases – we tell you which ones deserve high ratings.

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Comic Book Slots

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The fastest-growing genre of new slot releases are superhero games from Marvel, DC and others – here are the hottest around.

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Online Slots Reviews

I have been a full time slots player since I received my “Early Retirement Package” in 2008 from the company that I was working for at the time. Since then I have tried to test out every new slots game that has been released, regardless of theme or genre. Eventually I figured out that there are a lot of terrible slots games out there, and that someone had to start reviewing games for the benefit of others. Sometimes it takes $50 or $100 to figure out just how bad a game really is. I hope that the time that I spent reviewing these games helps my readers to save and money by allowing them to quickly find the machines that they want to play.

Also, you should know that I don’t believe that there are “slots games for men” and “slots games for women”, no matter how much software developers try to build stereotypes into their games. Some of the best new slots that are being released today are from the movie and comic book genres, so why wouldn’t women want to play them too? You will see in my reviews that I sometimes make fun of companies who release games that are obviously targeted at one gender – I find them ridiculous and can’t help but call them out on their shenanigans.

Online Slots Bonuses

Another tricky thing about online casinos that took me a while to figure out was their bonuses, comp system, and VIP Programs. For example, many places offer either a table games bonus or a slots bonus and you’re only allowed to use it on specific games. More than once I’ve been surprised with the details of an offer but only after opening a new account and depositing first. Please read our online casino reviews so you know what you’re getting into.

Also, every operator has different bonuses with usually come with confusing rollover requirements. I can’t count the amount of times that I requested a payout from an online casino, just to be told that I couldn’t withdraw my bonus and would lose the free cash. It took me a long time to figure out the ropes and thanks to QueenOfOnlineSlots.com you can benefit from my many mistakes.

These types of experiences are what made me launch a website, and why I became such a strong industry advocate. I will clearly explain how bonuses work, what wagering requirements are, and how you can make sure that you always get your money’s worth when gambling online.

Best Casinos for Online Slots

I live in the United States so I’ve had more than my fair share of troubles with online casinos over the last two decades so I teamed up with my son and some other professional players to launch this site, which is why we are able to publish so many reviews. We are able to recommend the best and slam the rest. If you don’t see an operator advertised on here, chances are you don’t want to waste your time with them. That said, there are a few new reputable ones that pop up from time to time so I always go in with an open mind.

Also, if you participate in any of my private slots tournaments or giveaways, I promise you that you can gamble in confidence knowing that you are always 100% safe and protected. I may be a grandmother but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be tough when I need to be! In the unlikely event that you ever have a bad experience with an online casino, just go to my contact page and send me a message, and I will immediately look into the situation for you.

So if you want to play online slots at the best casinos in the world, stick to the ones that you find in the pages of this website. And if you want to make sure that you’re only playing fun slots games, start reading up on my exclusive slots reviews to find the ones that are best for you…

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