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Have you ever wanted to communicate telepathically with dolphins? What about join a female Fight Club? Perhaps go to an all-you-can eat Brazilian meat house? Well now you can join the girls in Bridesmaids Slots and enjoy all of your wildest fantasies, including winning stacks of cash.

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  • Beautiful Game Design

Review of Bridesmaids Slots

Words can’t express how happy I am that an online slot game for the movie “Bridesmaids” was released, or how delighted I am that this game actually turned out to be excellent. This was of course one of the funniest movies made in years and anyone who has seen it is probably nodding in firm agreement. It’s rare that a film has me laughing out loud for its duration but Kristen Wiig and the girls had me in absolute stitches throughout. In my opinion, this is definitely one of the best films ever put out starring all female leads.

So yes, it would be pretty hard to make a game about this film that I didn’t like, but thankfully we don’t need to speculate on that. If I was trying to put my feelings into words I would have to say that this slot is more beautiful than Cinderella, smells like pine needles, and has a face like sunshine! Uh oh…maybe I’ve had too much wine…let’s get on with this exclusive review of Bridesmaids Slots which details why it’s an absolute “must-play”.


Bridesmaids usually love pink and hopefully you do too because this game is covered in it. As the screenshots below show, this release has a simple but elegant design and everything is clearly laid out. Also, the symbols and bonus areas are have great visual effects, so when added to the HD images and crisp game board it all comes together to look absolutely fantastic.


Weddings: we’ve all been to great ones and we’ve all been to terrible ones. However, the wedding itself is actually the culmination of tons of hard work done by numerous friends, family members, and hired consultants. Usually the real comedy and (or drama) is in the weeks and months leading up to the big day, and we finally get a glimpse into the bride’s side of things with the hilarious movie, Bridesmaids.

The film follows recently engaged Lillian and her best friends as they set out to plan and execute all of the normal duties associated with having a proper wedding: a bridal shower, picking dresses, buying presents, etc. Unfortunately Lillian’s childhood friend, Annie, is on a major losing streak in life both professionally and personally, but Lillian’s new friend, Helen, is seemingly perfect in every way. She appears to have the entire bridal process under complete control and can do no wrong.

The friends and family joining Lillian on her journey are Megan, Rita, and Ellie, who cover the wide range of “types” of friends that most women have: the surly mother, the idealistic newlywed, and the crazy wildcard who’s unpredictable in every way. This diverse group gets into one whacky misadventure after another and hilarity ensues.

This game strictly follows the side-splitting plot of the film through images, video clips, and bonus features, so you will be constantly laughing while you spin. It’s very hard to create an online slot that’s based on a funny movie and have the comedy properly transfer over, but this fantastic release from Microgaming was 100% successful in doing the job.

Unique Symbols

Fans of the movie get tons of unique symbols, with all six main characters being included in the game. However, it doesn’t end there because Bridesmaid Slots actually has three different symbols of all six characters, so technically there are 18 totally unique symbols from the movie, which has to be the record.

Some fans may argue that Chris O’Dowd playing Officer Nathan Rhodes should have gotten a symbol, but he’s featured in the bonus round so we can let it slide. Sadly, only Air Marshall Jon’s back made it into the game – sorry, Ben Falcone! And no, Jon Hamm’s character of Ted didn’t slime his way into the game, thank goodness. Who are we kidding? We can’t deny that jawline.

  • Blue Club
  • Green Diamond
  • Orange Heart
  • Red Spade
  • Becca (Ellie Kemper)
  • Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey)
  • Megan Price (Melissa McCarthy)
  • Helen Harris III (Rose Byrne)
  • Annie Walker (Kristen Wiig)
  • Lillian Donovan (Maya Rudolph)
  • Bridesmaids Logo (Wild)
  • Flower Cupcake (Scatter)

The Bridesmaid Logo Symbol pays the most, followed by Lillian, Annie, Helen, Megan, Rita, and Becca, in that order.


Don’t get too excited – this Bridesmaids Slots Jackpot is probably not going to live up to your high expectations, (just like my ex-husband!), so get ready for a little disappointment. This is because it’s an in-game jackpot that is usually quite small in size, (just like…).

The jackpot amount on the bonus wheel is determined by the number of Scatters that you hit to access the feature as well as the size of your bet, so the total never gets too high. Also, as soon as you hit the prize you are immediately sent back to the regular game and the bonus round is over, so make those jackpot wins count.

Bonus Rounds

Hitting 3, 4, or 5 Cupcake Scatter symbols gets you into the Wheel Bonus feature where there’s a ton of fun and cash to be won. In addition to triggering the bonus, 5 Scatters will pay out 100x your bet, with the symbols paying you in any position. As per normal, Scatter wins will be added to any other payline wins that you hit in that spin.

Once in the Wheel Bonus you will have the opportunity to access either one of the four different features, win a multiplier amount, or hit the in-game jackpot.

The unique bonus features on offer are:

  • Friendship Free Spins
  • Flying High Free Spins
  • Boutique Bonus
  • Magic Moments Bonus

The Boutique Bonus is a Match Game where you select gift boxes in an attempt to match up prizes. Every bridesmaid you pair will give you the corresponding prize that she had hidden in addition to any multipliers that you received, so the more matches you make, the more bonus cash you will win. Watch out for Lillian in her white wedding dress though because if you flip 2 of her symbol your round is over. Keep an eye out for the two random multipliers that will accompany lucky bridesmaids because these are what you will need to really jack up your bonus money.

The Magic Moments Bonus is another variation of a Pick Em’ style game where you select photos to win cash prizes. All of the money amounts you reveal will be added to your bonus total until you hit the carrot cake that Annie made for Officer Rhodes that says “I’m sorry”. This sad cake will not only attract racoons to your doorstep, it will also stop the bonus round in its tracks. Which is a shame because each magic moment is a video clip from the movie that will have you giggling.

In addition to these great bonus rounds you will also receive a “Cupcake Booster” that will either increase all of the pink or all of the blue cash prizes by 2x or 3x, or a multiplier that will increase all of the prizes regardless of color by 2x or 3x. You can even win 2 extra wheel pointers that will help you snag more bonus cash. Once you select one of the four cupcakes on the right of the screen, all of the prizes will be revealed to let you know what you could have had.

With such a wide range of options and prizes, these bonus rounds really make you feel like you’re sneaking into first class.

Free Spins

There are two different free spins modes available in Bridesmaids Slots: “Friendship Free Spins” and “Flying High Free Spins“. Both are excellent for different reasons and each has a distinct flavor that will have you throwing your bouquet in the air with delight.

With Friendship Spins you will receive 10 free spins that have wins paying in both directions. During this round you can hit an Annie Walker Stacked Wild on Reels #1 or #2, a Lillian Donovan Stacked Wild on Reel #3, or a Helen Harris III Stacked Wild on reels #4 or #5. Free games can be re-triggered by hitting 3 or more Cupcake symbols which will add another 10 spins to your total.

The Flying High Spins also consists of 10 free games but it features Rolling Reels and Expanding Wilds, which are going to boost your bankroll big time. The Rolling Reels feature is one of the best things you can find in game and it’s actually reminiscent of that Candy Crush video game that everyone was addicted to a few years ago.

It can give you numerous wins on one spin because once a winning payline is added to your balance, the symbols explode and the ones above them drop down into their place. If the new symbols also create a winning payline, that win amount is added to your balance and then the symbols explode again, and the ones above them fall down to see if they make a win, etc. This process continues until you hit a non-winning payline. Rolling Reels is basically like getting re-spins, but it’s a heck of a lot more fun.

The Expanding or “Growing Wilds” will drop a Wild symbol on the reels each spin up to a maximum of 13, because you start with 4 in the beginning. The Wilds will continue to fall each free spin giving you more and more winning combinations but unfortunately this feature cannot be re-triggered.


The graphics in Bridesmaid Slots are crystal clear and the colors and images set the mood of the game nicely. The diamonds surrounding the Bonus Wheel sparkle and shine and the Bonus Cupcakes look absolutely delicious.

There are tons and tons of video clips throughout the game so excitement is always in the air. As you would imagine, these videos immediately bring you back to the original film and will have you cracking up. They are all a perfect length and quality and there’s just the right amount without going overboard.

Players who have a keen eye will notice that the game controls are pretty much identical to Microgaming’s other movie-themed games such as Terminator 2 Slots, which was released a short while ago. The lower paying symbols are even the same as Arnold’s game with the Spades, Clubs, Hearts, and Diamonds, although Bridesmaids does spice things up a bit by adding new vibrant colors to them.

Audio & Soundtrack

There are random audio clips from the movie throughout the game and each time the character who said them pops out from the side of the screen and in front of the reels to add to the effect. You just can’t get tired of hearing compliments like, “You’re so pretty!”, “You’re so cute!”, and “You’re so sweet!”.

The audios for payline wins aren’t too bad in this game and none of them are too annoying. However, the song that plays during the Friendship Free Spins is very distracting – it sounds like the theme song to a bad ’80s talk show and it’s very loud. When this feature is triggered you might find yourself spending more time thinking about the song than how much free cash you’re stacking up. It’s actually quite strange.

Sensitive players will want to note that there are mild curse words in this game, so perhaps you won’t want to play it around young children. However, if you’re ok with the original movie, the dialogue here will seem tame to you.

As is customary with most slots from Microgaming, there is a constant murmuring noise of a real life crowd throughout the game, which is designed to get you to feel like you’re playing this game in an actual brick and mortar casino. However, why would anyone want to feel that way when gambling at home: isn’t the joy of playing online slots that you aren’t at an actual casino? Perhaps they should include “Smell-O-Vision” and have casino odors such as cigarette smoke and cheap cologne to complete the effect. All of that to say, it might be time for Microgaming to remove the murmur effect from their releases.

In regards to the soundtrack, there is a rocking piano-heavy jam that plays when you’re in the Magic Moments Bonus that will really get your toes tapping. This song might not be from the film, but whatever it is, it’s great. If you want to hear a taste, play the promotional video embedded in this review.

Finally, many will be sad to learn that AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds” is not featured anywhere in the game. Done dirt cheap!


Let’s speak now or forever hold our peace…

Fans are going to be ecstatic with Microgaming’s interpretation of the original motion picture thanks to the tons of images and audio clips from the movie, not to mention the large amount of different symbols of the original characters and the fun bonus rounds. Add all of this to the beautiful design and Bridesmaids Slots is a game that you’ll want to get hitched to – don’t bother signing a prenup because you won’t need one.

All of the original cast is here and it truly feels like an extension of the film. These girls were hilarious then and they’ve only gotten better with age.

This is hand-down one of the best movie-themed slots ever released and the fact that it’s based on a comedy makes it even more impressive. So stop cracking your household blankets in half and walk this game down the aisle.

Bonus Video of Bridesmaids

Those who have seen Bridesmaids will know that there’s only one way to end this review – with the official music video for Wilson Phillips’ fantastic song, “Hold On“. Does anyone know why this video jumps back and forth between snow covered mountains and the sunny beaches of California? It feels like they’re just showing off! Oh well, the song is amazing so it doesn’t really matter…

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