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Paramount Movie TheaterNothing packs people into theaters like a Hollywood blockbuster starring “A-List” celebrities and every summer brings tons of new titles. Big budget movies also have the power to drive players to online casinos…if they release a cool slot that’s based on the film. It has definitely become more popular over the years for moviemakers to license the rights of the picture to a casino software company so they can create a machine based on it. However, sometimes developers release games that have nothing to do whatsoever with the film, and there are even ones that have altered the plot entirely. You never know what you’re going to get with a movie-themed slot so please take notice of our honest reviews below, and follow our ratings stars to find the best ones.

We will always admit in the review if we have a special spot in our hearts for the movie because if we do, we’re obviously going to grade it a little easier. It’s easy to understand that whether or not you enjoyed the movie will have a profound impact on whether or not you will like the game – it’s amazing what you can see through rose colored glasses. And if we didn’t like the movie we might be a little more skeptical on the way in.  For example, it would take a pretty darn fun machine to make me forget how terrible a movie like Howard the Duck was, but all jokes aside, we always keep an open mind.

It’s always nice to be surprised by a title that you didn’t see coming, and it’s even better when that game is good. For example, it made absolutely no sense at all for NYX to release Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Slots almost 20 years after the film was in theaters, but fans were giddy with excitement to see it listed in online casinos across the internet.

There are three main categories that you will find out there: Action, Comedy, and Horror, with each genre usually having it’s own style of play. The comedies will always have whacky audios and ridiculous scenes from whatever movie they’re depicting, while the horror ones seem to usually have frightening faces and creepy soundtracks. The action movie slots tend to have lots of explosions and gunfire, and can easily blow you out of your chair with their sound effects.

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