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The most sarcastic superhero on the planet is back to dish out justice with a few backhanded compliments and free spins. Now you can team up with him in Iron Man 3 Slots and battle the forces of evil and win cash along the way.

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Review of Iron Man 3 Slots

Since the 1980s Robert Downey Jr. has been winning over viewers thanks to his acting style and wide variety of roles, (except of course for his terrible time at Saturday Night Live). However, many people were still shocked and a little bit worried when he was originally cast as Tony Stark in the Marvel blockbuster, Iron Man. Oh how wrong they were – he was exactly the right man to play the role and the box office receipts for every one of the films clearly proves it.

We’re of course a little biased towards this movie franchise since we love it’s leading man, but we won’t let that taint this slot game review. The good news is that Playtech did a nice job on this release and it can be almost as entertaining as the film itself. However, it won’t appeal to every player because it’s missing a few key things.

To clarify, this particular game is based on Iron Man 3 and our review will cover all of the most important details to give it an official rating.


The screenshots below show just how sharp the colors and images are, and how perfect the design of each of the characters in the game is. This really sets a high bar for future Marvel slot games from a graphics perspective and if they have any more like this in the works, prepare to get excited.


We won’t go into great detail about the storyline for Iron Man 3 in case you haven’t seen the movie yet because nobody likes spoilers. The main thing you need to know is that Tony Stark is down in the dumps due to the criticism he receives from the public and the mental fatigue he’s suffering from all of his previous battles. It’s hard being a superhero in a world full of people that don’t understand you.

This Playtech machine focuses on Tony Stark getting his mojo back with the help of his special suit, the Iron Patriot and his buddy, War Machine. The armored suits are actually the stars of this game and are featured heavily throughout, and in fact, they’re really the only things that provide any semblance of a story. There really isn’t a proper plot to be found here.

The game’s developers could have easily gone into detail about Iron Man’s battle with Aldrich Killian and his Extremis virus, but they chose to almost completely forget about the movie. As a result, fans looking for an in-depth storyline are going to be sadly disappointed.

Unique Symbols

The symbols in Iron Man 3 are mostly what you would expect except for one glaring omission – where the heck is Pepper Potts? It’s shocking that the Playtech developers thought that it would be better to include a “9” symbol instead of the girlfriend of the star of the movie. Actually, it’s shocking that any software company would still include a “9” in any of their new releases, but here we are.

To be fair, we can assume that Gwyneth Paltrow just didn’t want to license her likeness to a gambling machine, but that’s still no excuse for using a 9. Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan would have been better and we all know that he would have jumped at the opportunity.

The final insult is not seeing Robert Downey Jr.’s face anywhere in this game so we should probably assume that he didn’t agree to be in it either. It’s always sad when the star of the show doesn’t make an appearance.

Now it’s starting to make sense why the armor is so heavily featured on the reels. Here’s what we get:

  • 9
  • 10
  • J (Jack)
  • Q (Queen)
  • K (King)
  • A (Ace)
  • Tony Stark
  • Trevor Slattery
  • Iron Patriot
  • Iron Man Mark 42
  • War Machine
  • Iron Man Logo (Scatter)
  • Arc Reactor (Wild)

Tony Stark needs the Arc Reactor to elevate himself to greatness and you do too because 5 of these Wild symbols in one spin will give you a cash prize of 10,000 coins. The next most profitable symbols are Iron Man Mark 42, War Machine, and Iron Patriot which give you 500, 300, and 100 coins respectively for five across the reels.


As one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe, you just knew that Iron Man 3 Slots was going to be linked to the Marvel Mystery Jackpot Network. This prize area comes at any time without warning so you have to be ready to play the special Pick Em’ game if it comes. It’s a board of tiles that you flip over one by one and once you match 3 of the same jackpot symbol the corresponding amount is yours.

This jackpot is very hard to hit but if you’re extremely lucky it’s a story that you could be telling for the rest of your life.

Bonus Rounds

Just like the executive offices of Stark Industries, things work a little differently in Iron Man 3 Slots and the free spins mode is basically the bonus round. Unfortunately, there aren’t any special areas to be transported to, no bonus features to trigger, and no extra cash prizes to be won.

To be honest, the in-game action on the reels is so fast-paced that you probably won’t notice that there isn’t a bonus round for a while. However, once you do see the omission you won’t be able to get it out of your mind. Therefore, players looking for a fun break from the regular game are going to be bored and probably cash out quicker as a result.

Free Spins

The free spins feature is where this game brings the gusto, and rightfully so considering that it’s the only diversion from the regular game. Three or more Iron Man Logo symbols trigger the “Hall of Armor Free Games” where you can choose from three different modes by selecting a specific superhero suit.

The Mark 42 gives you Freezing Wilds and 10 free games, and he shoots the reels to lock the Wilds in place for 3 spins. If his symbol lands on reel #3 while freerolling you get 3 more free spins added to your total.

War Machine gives you random Wilds and 8 free games, and before each one he selects three spots to be Wild for that spin. He’ll also give you 3 more free spins if his symbol lands on reel #3 at any time during the feature.

Iron Patriot gives you a “dynamic multiplier” with 15 free games. The multiplier is anywhere between 2x and 5x your wager and it increases as you hit his symbols across the reels, going up by 1 if his symbol lands in a spin, or down by 1 if he doesn’t show up. Like the others, if you get his symbol to fall on reel #3 you will get an extra 3 free spins.

This is one of the few releases that provides you with a choice for free games and it’s hard to know which character to pick. Many will favor Iron Patriot because he looks awesome blasting that multiplier up, and who doesn’t love a fat multiplier on their payline wins?

Iron Man 3 also has an “All Systems Go Re-Spin” feature in the regular game that is triggered when Iron Man appears anywhere on reel #1, War Machine appears anywhere on reel #3, and Iron Patriot appears anywhere on reel #5. You get 1 free re-spin and the 3 heroes stay locked in the spot they originally landed in to pay as Scatters, as well as on “2 of a Kind”. Unfortunately, you can only hit this feature in regular mode and not during a freeroll.


The graphics in this game were the best available in 2014 when it was released and they’re still pretty darn good today. Every symbol looks amazing and every animation across the reels is fluid and realistic. The player control panel is totally futuristic and the buttons will remind you of the controls of a spaceship in a science fiction movie.

One of the coolest visuals in the game is the interesting electrical field contraption at the left of the reels that slowly builds an Iron Man suit – it also transports whatever suit of armor you just hit in a payline win and displays it for you to admire. Sometimes the man in the suit even nods his approval of a bigger win and gives you a “thumbs-up” before blasting off back to the stratosphere. Cool!

Audio & Soundtrack

The most annoying thing in Iron Man 3 is the robotic voice commanding you to “spin again”, or “click to spin”, or “spin to win” if you take a quick break from pushing the buttons. We know how to play online slots buddy, and we don’t appreciate being hurried! However, the stuffy British voice is pretty cool when he’s announcing the special suit you’re hovering over in the Hall of Armor – and he gets you in the mood for justice with his call of, “Armed and ready!”.

The soundtrack in the regular game is kind of on the boring side and lulls you into a trance. This trance is then shattered to pieces whenever you have a winning spin because the audios that arrive are loud and aggressive, and definitely uncalled for. It’s like playing two games in one and the soundtrack clashes with the audios terribly. Dig around in the settings to mute it all.

Alternatively, the music in the free games mode is high-energy and will certainly have you sitting up straight in your chair for the duration of the round.


If you love Robert Downey Jr. and the Iron Man franchise you will want to give this game a try, if only for a few minutes. There’s a lot going on for true fans, as well as comic book nerds who love the various suits of armor from this corner of the Marvel Universe.

Unfortunately, the game will get old quickly for anyone looking for exciting bonus areas and cool features. This release really only has its free spins mode going for it so once you’ve hit that a few times you’ll probably start to get a little board. Which is definitely a shame given that Iron Man is one of Marvel Comics’ best characters.

The world will always need the Avengers but they’re going to have to take it up a notch next time: Pepper Potts should be the extra ingredient that spices up any future versions.

Oh – they might want to actually put Tony Stark in the game as well.

Bonus Video of Iron Man 3

As much as we love Iron Man 3, we have to admit that there were a few issues with the film. Here’s a funny video detailing just where the film’s creators went wrong, and with over 7 million views, you know that there’s a lot of fans who feel the same way. Enjoy!

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