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“Warriors, come out to play-ayyy,” was the call heard round America in the summer of 1979 as gang violence escalated to dizzying new highs. Now you can travel back to the most violent time in NYC’s history with The Warriors Slots and fight for the pride of your gang while stacking up cheddar.

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Review of The Warriors Slots

Anyone who’s seen The Warriors is going to be very biased with their opinions about this amazing film and I’m no different. This review is being written by someone who has watched the movie more than 25 times and who will happily watch it another 25 before he dies. I’m a serious Warriors fan, which is exactly why this release from iSoftBet was so damn disappointing.

It’s hard to explain but let’s try: imagine that you loved iPhones and at Christmas you opened a present and saw a box for the latest version. Then when you opened the box and pulled it out it was really an iPhone 5 and then your mom explains that she bought it second-hand and she just put it in a random box that the store gave her. You wouldn’t be totally angry but you’d still be scratching your head with wonder and disappointment, right? Well, this is exactly what this feels like.

Any fan of the movie is going to be happy just to see that the title exists but they’re probably going to walk away feeling like they could have had something much better. It’s not “terrible” by any means it’s just that its creators left a lot on the table and it’s confusing that they didn’t try harder.

This exclusive review of The Warriors Slots will completely explain where the ball was dropped and why many fans will feel deflated.


This machine looks fantastic: it’s cutting edge but with a funky retro vibe. The designers didn’t over-complicate anything with elaborate backgrounds or whatnot and instead concentrated on the details in the main area. The color schemes are outstanding and instantly take you back to graffiti-crazed NYC in 1979.


The streets of New York City in the ’70s and ’80s were very dangerous, with 1981 seeing around 5 murders a day for the entire year. This was a direct result of the city almost going broke and the steady stream of hard drugs that were flowing into the streets. At it’s peak it’s said that there were tens of thousands of gang members throughout the “five boroughs” and it was basically a city under siege.

Enter the 1979 film by Walter Hill which served as a news report from the streets that was broadcast directly into movie theatres around the USA. This movie was about much more than just a bunch of thugs cracking heads, it was a political and social commentary on the condition of life in the big American city: it had literally become a concrete jungle.

In the midst of this turmoil during a huge meeting with every other gang in New York City, Cyrus, the leader of the Gramercy Riffs is shot and killed with the blame getting pinned on the Warriors. They are then a group on the run trying to get from the Bronx back to their home turf of Coney Island, getting chased by every other gang that they come across. The movie follows the Warriors’ difficult journey and the trouble that they encounter along the way.

This machine sticks to the original Warriors plot through images and audios from the film, however, there aren’t any clips from the movie to build a proper storyline. The software developers could have easily added some snippets and built the action around one of the scenes, (like their brawl with the Baseball Furies in Riverside Park), but they foolishly chose not to. Needless to say, not including clips was a huge error.

The weak storyline here is going to turn off some of the diehard fans of the Warriors, which is a shame because it really wouldn’t have taken that much to make us happy.

Unique Symbols

Most people will complain about the symbol choices because iSoftBet had many things they could have used instead of the playing card ones of 10 to the Ace. It’s not like Paul Greco’s character of Sully, the leader of The Orphans should have been included, but come on – there’s tons of people they could have brought in here.

Let’s start with actual members of The Warriors and point out that there were four main characters that should have been in this release: David Harris as Cochise, James Remar as Ajax, Brian Tyler as Snow, and of course everyone’s favorite graffiti artist, Rembrandt played by Marcelino Sánchez. Now looking at these four characters – do you think there’s a need for a Jack here? Not likely.

The biggest omission has to be Roger Hill as Cyrus, Leader of The Gramercy Riffs. Without his murder and question of “Can you dig it?“, the movie has no core. He definitely should have been included.

Ok, maybe we could all agree that if they used the above suggestions there would actually have been too many characters. Ok, fine. Then they easily could have used gang logos from some of the cooler gangs featured in the movie like the Turnbull AC’s, The Baseball Furies, The Boppers, The Hi-Hats, or The Electric Eliminators.

To be fair, fans won’t really be missing omissions such as The Punks or The Lizzies, although it’s clear that more imagination should have been used. Here’s what we got:

  • 10
  • J (Jack)
  • Q (Queen)
  • K (King)
  • A (Ace)
  • Cleon – Warlord of the Warriors (Dorsey Wright)
  • Cowboy (Tom McKitterick)
  • Swan – War Chief of the Warriors (Michael Beck)
  • Mercy (Deborah Van Valkenburgh)
  • Swan & Mercy (Wild)

Surprisingly, Mercy is the highest-paying giving you 2,000x your wager for 5 of a Kind. She is followed by the one that most people would have assumed would award the most, Swan, with 1,000x your line bet for five of them together. They are followed by Cowboy and Cleon who give out 500 and 400 coins respectively for five across the board.

Make sure to remember that this machine pays out 243 ways so there is a minimum bet for each spin.


There is no Warriors Slots jackpot available, which is unfortunately normal for a 243 payline gambling game. Now can you dig that?

Bonus Rounds

Hold on to your leather vests because you might be shocked to learn that there also isn’t a bonus round to be found anywhere in this retro romp. Again, this is sadly the accepted standard for a 243 line titles, which is why we complain about them all the time here at Queen of Online Slots – there’s just not a lot going on with them.

Ultimately, the lack of a special feature is its main weakness and makes it a 7/10 instead of the 10/10 it easily could have been. All iSoftBet needed to do was create a unique area, give us a few extra characters from the movie, and issued some prizes that somewhat followed the original storyline. Most would have been happy with just a simple Pick Em’ style area that broke up the monotony of the constant whirling, which certainly isn’t asking too much.

Free Spins

There is a small extra that determines the details of your free spins mode and it’s the closest thing this machine has to a proper bonus round. It’s triggered by Warriors symbols on reels #1, #3, and #5 together and they will then expand to cover the entirety of the reels and give you three options to choose from.

You pick one of the three symbols on reel #1 to reveal the number of spins you’ll get, your pick on #3 determines the amount of your multiplier, and #5 tells you which symbols will become stacked during the round: low paying, medium paying, or high paying. The most frustrating part of this feature is that the game doesn’t reveal what was under the other selections so you never know what you could have picked.

The maximum possible amounts are 50 free spins with a 5x multiplier, which is generous.


Although many will have complaints about iSoftBet not using enough unique imagery from the film, most will agree that the 10, J, Q, K, and Ace were all designed really well thanks to them being done in the style of graffiti spray paint. In fairness, they do a nice job of breaking up the characters and they make the reels look balanced.

The user controls are pretty cool too and you have to appreciate the fact that they made the “Stop” button a can of spray paint. Also, the background in the regular mode is a subway station but the vantage point is as if you are standing on the tracks looking up – it’s a nice subtle touch.

As already mentioned, they totally should have included some clips from the movie as this was a huge missed opportunity to add some sweet visual effects – we just had to mention that one last time.

Audio & Soundtrack

The background audios in the regular mode are straight from the New York City subway with train cars banging and squeaking, and the murmur of disgruntled commuters. You actually feel like you’re doing homework on the train at High Street Station.

The sound effects for The Warriors symbol are pretty nice since it’s one of the main synthesizer sounds used in the film that is immediately recognizable. The effect builds as it drops on reels #1 and #3, and is joined by a whooshing sound as you wait to see if it will also drop on #5 to send you into the free spins mode.

When characters land to be part of a decent winning payline it will trigger a little clip of a funky song, with the length of the clip being determined by how big the win was. These sounds are well-balanced and do a good job of adding to the overall mood.

The song that kicks in when free spins are triggered is a nice original number with record scratches and vocal samples over it. It has a bumping beat that will get your head nodding with approval.

Once rolling you’re finally rewarded with the main song from the movie written by Barry De Vorzon that plays whenever The Warriors are running or fighting. The track has been updated slightly and features some modern hip hop scratches over it which actually sound pretty amazing. It’s awesome that iSoftBet decided to save this track for freeroll because you never get sick of it and you’re always happy to hear it.


Whether or not you’ll like this game will probably depend on how much you liked the original movie and also if you enjoy playing 243 ways machines in general. If you’re a fan of the film and you’re prepared to accept that there are no jackpots, bonus rounds, or video clips, you should certainly be entertained for a while.

However, if you were hoping for an over-the-top release that pulled all of the best parts of the movie together to create a fantastic real money online slot, you’re going to be terribly disappointed. This one will tease you in a very cruel way because you’re seeing images of the Warriors, the graphics are solid, you’re hearing music from the film, but you’re always left wanting more.

So if you’re protective of your bankroll and don’t want to reward software companies who show you cake that you can’t eat, you’ll want to pass on this title and keep boppin’ your way back to Coney Island. However, most fans will find enough here to enjoy themselves for at least a little while – it’s The Warriors, after all!

Caaan yoooouuuu diiiiggg iiiitt?

Random Video of The Warriors

Anyone who’s seen this movie more than five times knew exactly how this review should end: with one of the greatest songs to ever close a film. Here are the end credits of The Warriors with Joe Walsh’s fabulous song, “In the City“.

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