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An invisible man can rule the world. Nobody will see him come, nobody will see him go. Grab your bandages and trench coat because the classic tale of a power-hungry madman’s thirst for world domination has been made into a fun online slot game.

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Review of The Invisible Man Slots

I had all but forgotten about The Invisible Man before I stumbled across this title at an online casino recently. I vaguely remember a failed American TV show about an invisible man in the 1970s and I hadn’t seen the original movie in years, with the latter being the version that this game is thankfully based on.

The original story of The Invisible Man was written by H.G. Wells in 1897, which was then made into a movie released in 1933 by Universal Pictures, so when I saw this title in a list of games I thought that it seemed like an odd choice to base an online slot on. However, after playing it for only a few minutes I was absolutely blown away – it’s tons of fun and super cool.

Anyway, I really only have praise for this game and I found it to be a very interesting and unique slot. There’s always something going on and it’s thoroughly entertaining, so I think that this is one of those rare movie-themed games where it doesn’t matter if you’re not really familiar with the subject matter. Every online slots player will want to at least check it out for a few minutes. Here’s why…


There is a definite paranormal vibe going on in this slot game as you can see from the screenshots below. Glowing symbols and creepy swirling payline indicators float their way through the game, and there are some great subtle graphics in the backgrounds. The designers over at NetEnt did a great job of giving this slot its own unique flavor that I think many players will find refreshing.


Dr. Jack Griffin was a normal chemist studying the effects of the drug “monocane”, when he decided to inject it into himself to see what would happen. Unfortunately that wasn’t the wisest decision because the chemical made him invisible and drove him insane. Everything that he had ever known had changed forever.

After becoming invisible he wraps himself in bandages and puts on black goggles and a trench coat to check into The Lion’s Head Inn in the rural village of Iping, England. The inn is run by a fellow named Mr. Hall who allows Griffin to spend the night and assures him that he won’t be disturbed during his stay. Unfortunately for Mr. Hall his wife nags him to throw out the bandaged man after he trashes his room, but in a tragic twist of fate he ends up being the one who is thrown…down a flight of stairs. The police and random villagers arrive to apprehend Griffin but he strips naked and easily gets away.

After evading his fiancee, Flora Cranley, Griffin then goes to his assistant Dr. Kemp and makes him partner up with him to control the world through fear, committing random murders and terrorizing citizens. The plot then twists and turns as Kemp tries to free himself from the clutches of the invisible madman, but also secretly hoping to return Griffin to his former self one day.

This slots captures the spooky energy and strange storyline of the original movie through it’s images, video clips, and crazy bonus features. It’s a wild tale that’s a lot of fun to play along with.

Unique Symbols

Now I’m not 100% sure what NetEnt was trying to do with the unique character symbols in this game, but I think that they’re best described as “life-like cartoon interpretations” of the original cast of the 1933 film. I think that the game’s designers deliberately tried to make the images look like the actors, but ugly, strange, animated versions of them.

Sometimes companies will create “cartoon variations” of real actors instead of having their exact likenesses in the game, so the symbol kind of looks like the original character, but they’re different enough that you can tell that something’s off. This can be done for many reasons, such as not wanting to pay the actor to use their likeness, or the actors themselves declining to participate in online gambling.

Anyway, here are the unique symbols that you will find in this game:

  • 10
  • J (Jack)
  • Q (Queen)
  • K (King)
  • A (Ace)
  • Mrs. Jenny Hall (Una O’Connor)
  • Mr. Herbert Hall (Forrester Harvey)
  • Dr. Cranley (Henry Travers)
  • Dr. Arthur Kemp (William Harrigan)
  • Flora Cranley (Gloria Stuart)
  • Police Wild (Dudley Digges)
  • Griffin Wild (Claude Rains)

Due to the fact that there are so many bonus features and free spins in this slot, the payouts in the regular game are a lot less than what most of you will probably be expecting. The highest paying symbol is Flora Cranley who only pays 500 coins for 5 of a Kind. This is then followed by Dr. Arthur Kemp, Dr. Cranley, and Mr. Herbert Hall who pay 400, 300, and 200 coins respectively for five in one spin.


I think that NetEnt must have injected this game’s jackpot meter with monocane because I can’t find it. So either the jackpot prize amount is invisible, or this game just doesn’t offer one. I’ll assume that it’s the latter.

Bonus Rounds

There are two different bonus rounds in The Invisible Man Slots which can only be triggered when in the Free Spins Mode, and I explain everything you need to know about free-rolling in the section below. One of the bonus features is technically a unique free games area called Police Spins that will give you 3 spins with 5 Burning Wilds thrown onto the reels each time. The 5 Wilds will rearrange themselves on the board for each spin giving you the chance of winning a maximum of 90,000 coins, which is an insane 270,000 coins total for the round. Not too shabby!

The best feature in The Invisible Man is the Griffin’s Rage Bonus Game which has 3 unique locations, and tons of prizes available. In each level you will have 5 options to pick from, which will always be a mix of 1 Red Police Badge (Collect), 1 Multiplier, and then 3 different coin prizes. For all 3 locations you will keep picking prizes until you run into the Police Badge, which will end your round and move you along to the next.

Once you’ve hit the Police Badge in all 3 levels the bonus game is over and your total coin amount will be multiplied by your total multiplier amount, (which always has a maximum of 4x). Then the final prize amount is added to your balance and you’re returned to the regular game.

In addition, there are 2 Wild features in this slot that are basically mini bonuses. First we have Walking Wilds which can either be Police Wilds or Griffin Wilds. Police Wilds will fall on reel #1 and then move across all of the reels as it slowly makes its way off the board, stopping on each reel to trigger a re-spin.

There’s also the Griffin Wilds which will only fall on reel #5 and then move across the board to the left, and just like Police Wilds they’ll stop on each reel to trigger a re-spin. So technically you have the opportunity to hit one of two Sticky, Roaming Wilds in this game which will surely boost your bankroll.

And if a Police Wild and a Griffin Wild meet together on the board, something special will happen…

Free Spins

A game that offers Sticky, Roaming Wild symbols is already rare, but this slot takes it a step further and if the two Wilds collide on the game board as they’re making their ways across it will trigger the Invisible Man Free Spins. You will get an initial 10 free games, and if the 2 Wilds collide again while free-rolling you will receive an additional 4 free spins.

It’s actually possible for a total of 6 Walking Wilds to collide on the same spin, (2 on each row), which will give you a whopping 30 free games. Once the Wilds have met and triggered your bonus they will disappear into the night, but they can randomly return anywhere on the game board as you freeroll.

During your free spins 2 power meters are at the top of the screen titled “Bonus Game” and “Police Spins”, with 1 of the 8 sections in the meter getting filled by each Police Wild or Griffin Wild that lands on the reels. If either one of the meters has all 8 of its sections filled during the free games mode it will trigger the corresponding bonus area once the freeroll is over. As expected, you can only trigger one of the bonus games each time.

And just so I give this game the proper amount of praise, let me be crystal clear: the bonus areas, graphics, and soundtrack all add up to make this one of the most intricate and fun free spins features I’ve ever played. The game’s creators get a 10 out of 10 for their efforts here.


There’s a very intense intro video at the beginning of the game that explains the background of the Invisible Man and what led up to his transformation. The bright green vile of monocane glows menacingly as Dr. Griffin snatches it up to inject it, and the fright and excitement in his eyes as he turns invisible is haunting. It’s a fantastic intro and sets the bar for the opening credits of all future movie-themed slots.

There are many subtle animations in this game that I just adore, like the bubbling beakers in the background and the smoking vials of chemicals. There is a “glowing laser worm” effect that ripples through the symbols that are involved in payline wins, and it’s one of the best win indicators ever. It clearly highlights what’s going on and it looks very cool as it does its thing, with the effects being enhanced by the symbols themselves throbbing and glowing as they’re highlighted.

It’s hard to describe the graphics that you will find in the Griffin’s Rage Bonus Game because they honestly look like nothing that I’ve ever seen in a slot machine before. It’s like you’re watching ugly, creepy cartoon characters in a beautiful High-Definition movie. Their faces and expressions are so exaggerated and distinct that I can’t imagine how much time the designers at NetEnt spent creating them.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, things really get turned up a notch in the Police Wilds bonus feature. The Flaming Wild symbols look fantastic and the quality of the visuals are absolutely stunning. You think I’m exaggerating? Go look for yourself and then tell me that I’m wrong.

The game’s creators even found a clever way of incorporating the old Universal Pictures logo, so see if you can spot it…I’m not going to tell you where it is!

Audio & Soundtrack

The dialogue that plays over the intro video sounds like it’s straight from the original movie – it strikes a balance of both “classic” and “creepy”. The soundbites continue throughout the regular game with clips like, “You brought it on yourselves!” and “You’re crazy to know who I am, aren’t you?”

The main soundtrack is an eerily whimsical song that sounds as if it’s straight out of a mystery movie or a fairy tale. It is a slower, mischievous tune that sounds as if it’s being played by a small orchestra. The volume and intensity of the music increases when you receive a Roaming Wild that begins to make it’s way across the board, and they also will give you a short blast of strings when you hit larger wins. Don’t worry – unlike some of the other movie-themed NetEnt games, the quick shots of music in Invisible Man aren’t offensive and don’t blast you out of your seat.

Throughout the game there are actually many different changes in the soundtrack’s tempo, tune, and ferocity. So in terms of the number of melodies and the quality of the actual music, this game gets a solid 10 out of 10. The mix of all the different songs is great and the transitions are seamless, and the soundtrack totally creates a proper “movie-like” feel to the game.


Most of you have probably never seen The Invisible Man before but it isn’t going to matter whatsoever when it comes to this game. This slot is just too creepy, weird, and fun not to try out – give it at least a few minutes of your time so you can check out the insane level of quality that’s on offer here.

For the three people reading this review who are big fans of the original Invisible Man movie, you’ll be happy to know that the game respects his legacy, the story, and the general theme. They set a distinct tone and run with it, and you will have zero complaints about NetEnt’s interpretation of the film.

And what would The Invisible Man himself say about this slot if he were here today? Well probably, This will give them a bit of a shock, something to write home about. A nice bedtime story for the kids, too, if they want it.

I agree Griffin! This game simply can’t be praised enough. Kudos!

Bonus Video of The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man eventually met his match in 1951 when he ran into the comedic duo of Abbott and Costello. Here’s the original trailer for the classic comedic mash-up that was considered a blockbuster in its day. I think it’s aged well, don’t you?

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