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Ancient Norse mythology has not produced a character mightier than the God of Thunder who strikes down evildoers with his punishing hammer. Every Marvel comic fan in the nine realms will want to try out Thor The Mighty Avenger Slots from Playtech and take a turn swinging his Mjölnir.

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Review of Thor The Mighty Avenger Slots

I really only paid attention to Thor when he was guest appearing in other Marvel superheroes’ comic books since there were too many other crazy characters that grabbed my attention in those days. I simply didn’t have the time to add an ill-tempered viking to my list of monthly reading.

However, once I had finished watching the first Thor movie starring Australian heartthrob Chris Hemsworth in 2011 I was “all in” on this Norse tail. I’m far from an expert on the subject but from what I know, I think that the movie’s creators did a good job of telling his story without it getting too outlandish or silly.

That all said, this review of The Mighty Avenger Slots is going to be as unbiased as it comes – just because I enjoyed the movie, doesn’t mean that I have to love the slot game. I have been disappointed way too many times with movie-themed slots, so usually I go in prepared for the worst. Thankfully, Thor and his friends have come together to create a solid game with some fun features.


As you will see in the screenshots below, Thor The Mighty Avenger is probably one of the prettiest Marvel Slots games that’s been released over the last couple of years – and that’s not just because of Hemsworth’s beautiful flowing hair. Click to enlarge the images so you can check out the details and see the work that went into this game. The symbols and graphic design are absolutely top-notch.


Being the Son of Odin and King of Asgard, Thor is the Norseman you just don’t want to mess with. The original story is that after losing to the Frost Giants Thor was stripped of his powers and exiled to Earth to teach him some humility. He then had his memory wiped and was put into the body of Donald Blake, and eventually became a doctor. Later on he went on a Norweigian vacation and found the Mjölnir in a cave, smashing it into the wall to reveal his true identity. And for those like me who didn’t know, the Mjölnir is Thor’s hammer that can destroy anything that it strikes.

In the movie adaptation Thor falls in love with scientist Jane Foster and learns many lessons about the fallibility of mankind along the way. He must also battle Loki, his adopted brother, who is aspiring to take the crown of king on their home planet. In addition, the Frost Giants are trying to stop Thor in his tracks by seizing the Casket of Ancient Winters, as that is the source of great power in the universe. There’s also a ton of other drama that unfolds during the film, but I will let you get into that for yourself if you choose to see the movie.

The storyline in this slot game is unfortunately pretty thin, however the imagery does do a great job of transporting you to their corner of the Marvel Universe. That said, the plot of this game is by far its weakest element.

Unique Symbols

Fans of the Thor movie franchise will be very happy with Playtech’s choices for game symbols since all of the popular characters are included. Not to mention, they use the images of the actual actors who played the roles, so the continuity between the film and the game is flawless. I really can’t overstate this point because many movie-themed slots only use caricatures or “hand-drawn facsimiles” of the cast, and not the real people who acted in the roles.

So for anyone like me who has always dreamed of playing an online slot machine featuring Anthony Hopkins, here’s your chance…I don’t think that they’re going to be releasing a “Silence of the Lambs” slot game anytime soon…

  • 10
  • J (Jack)
  • Q (Queen)
  • K (King)
  • A (Ace)
  • Destroyer
  • Heimdall the Gatekeeper (Idris Elba)
  • Odin (Anthony Hopkins)
  • Loki (Tom Hiddleston)
  • Warriors Three (Ray Tevenson as Volstagg, Tadanobu Asano as Hogun, Josh Dallas as Fandral)
  • Sif (Jaimie Alexander)
  • Laufey (Colm Feore)
  • Thor’s Mjölnir (Scatter)
  • Thor Wild (Chris Hemsworth)

You’ll want to be seeing as much of Chris Hemsworth as possible while you’re spinning, and it’s not just because of his chiseled good looks – the Thor Wild symbol is the highest-paying in the game with 5,000 coins for 5 of a Kind. This is then followed by Anthony Hopkins as Odin who will give you 1,000 coins for five in one spin. Tom Hiddleston’s character of Loki rounds out the Top 3 symbols by giving you 500 coins for five across the board.


Like all Marvel Slots games that have been released over recent years, Thor The Might Avenger is a member of their “mystery” jackpot network. I often joke that it’s a “mystery” because you never know when it’s going to come, or on which game.

This prize is actually four unique jackpots that are available in their network of games, and they’re called “Power“, “Super Power“, “Extra Power“, and “Ultimate Power“, with each paying different amounts. Power is the smallest available and Ultimate Power is the largest, with its total sometimes being in the neighborhood of six figures.

If you’re lucky enough to trigger the Mystery Jackpot you are taken to their special area which features a game board of squares. You simply flip over squares revealing the names of each jackpot until you match three of the same, and you then win the corresponding prize amount of whatever cash is in that pool at the time.

Bonus Rounds

Besides the thin storyline, the other main weakness of Thor The Mighty Avenger Slots is that there isn’t a proper bonus round on offer and it relies on its Free Games Modes to satisfy players’ thirst for bonus action. Technically there are two in-game bonus features, but ironically they both give you free spins as well.

The “Thunderstorm Respin” arrives when the Thor Expanding Wild symbol covers reel 2, and you are then given 1 free spin with each symbol on reel 2 being wild. You should note that during the respin no other bonus rounds or game features can be triggered.

The “Lightning Free Spin” occurs when the Thor Expanding Wild symbol covers reel 4, and then gives you 1 free spin that will randomly have 2 to 5 Wild symbols appear anywhere on the reels. Again, you can’t access any other free games or bonuses during this feature.

Free Spins

Since there’s no proper bonus round, the only way to really stack up cash in Thor Slots is by hitting a bunch of big wins in the Free Games Mode. This journey to riches begins when you’re taken to the “Rainbow Bridge Feature” thanks to Heimdall the Gatekeeper expanding to cover reel 3 in the regular game. It is then up to you to choose between the two glowing orbs which will send you to either Earth or Jotunheim, Land of the Giants.

But watch out – once Heimdall covers reel 3 again during the free spins you are sent back to the Rainbow Bridge to again choose between two orbs, with one sending you back to the regular game if you unveil “Collect”. The other sends you back to either of the two bonus worlds to keep freerolling.

In the Jotunheim world the Grundroth symbol is added to the reels as an extra Wild symbol, and the Mjölnir is removed. Thor symbols appear as both stacked and regular Wilds on reel 3, with the Heimdall the Gatekeeper symbol being the only other symbol on that reel. Laufey symbols in a winning payline freezes the win for the next spin guaranteeing that you will win at least the same amount again, or possibly more if you get a bigger cash prize. After that spin Laufey hangs around to freeze other random combinations as well. It should be noted that the Jotunheim bonus round is played on a different set of reels than the regular game, with reels 2 and 4 having 3 rows, and reels 1, 3, and 5 only having two.

Forget about his ability to shatter uru metal, because when Destroyer lands on reel 5 during Earth Mode he is burning up anywhere between 2 and 6 random game symbols with his fire vision. Don’t worry though, he’s only doing this to help boost your bankroll by adding bonus multipliers to your game squares. The multipliers will stick around for anywhere between 1 and 4 spins, and if they’re already burning with a hot multiplier, Destroyer will simply jack up the numbers by one with his flamethrower stare.

I have to be honest and say that I’ve only had the Thor Free Spins Mode go 1 of 2 different ways – absolutely great or absolutely terrible. There literally doesn’t seem to be much middle ground with the bonus prizes. One time I just kept picking the orb on the right and it continued to send me back into the Jotenheim free games mode each time. After around 7 times it sent me into the Earth feature to cap off the incredible run before sending me back to the regular game.

However, I’ve also had a few times where I’ve been booted out of the free games after 1 spin and then picked the wrong orb, and was then unceremoniously sent back to the regular game without winning one cent. I find that it really is feast or famine in this game so I’ll be interested in hearing how it treats you. My personal all-time record with Thor Slots is 61 free games played with $7,690 won.


The introduction video when you first load up the game will kind of remind you of a mini-movie but it’s actually a bunch of still images of the actors from the film. This seems like a strange choice by Playtech since many newer comic book-themed slots have proper animated intros. That said, what they give you is still cool and gets you warmed up to play the game.

In regards to game design, the Thor Expanding Wild is very nicely done, with the 3 stacked Wilds being struck by lightning and transforming into Chris Hemsworth pointing his Mjölnir towards the sky. On a whole, all of the symbols were designed very nicely and are definitely of superior quality.

Thor also boasts multiple game backgrounds throughout the different free game features, with each having unique characters appearing on the screen to help you win prizes. These visual effects result in a nice break in the regular game action and serve to keep you engaged.

Audio & Soundtrack

The one thing you will notice with Thor Slots is that the audio of the reels spinning is quite pleasant, which is definitely not the case for many online games. Rather than a clunky beat playing with every spin, the sound effect is actually a cool synthesizer audio that is smooth and doesn’t leave you frantically searching for the mute button.

The audios for wins are equally as pleasing and they don’t blast you out of your seat or become annoying – as the cash is being added onto your bankroll the sounds are actually relaxing. Even the noise of the reels stopping each time is nice and soft.

The final masterstroke of Thor’s soundtrack is the different songs for each of the Free Games Modes, with both of them sounding like movie scores performed by an orchestra. I don’t have a personal preference between the two, and both help to add to the overall mood and theme of the game.


Even though Thor is far from my favorite Marvel character and I’m only a moderate fan of the movie, I do enjoy playing this game from time to time. I like seeing the actual actors who played the characters spinning along the reels as I go – as I said above, this is a rarity in movie-themed online slot machines.

Ultimately, how much you’ll want to play this game will depend on your enjoyment of the original movie, your feelings on the character of Thor, or the depth of your love for Chris Hemsworth’s hair. Only the pickiest of players will be able to find big faults in this game, and I think that its creators did a great job of staying true to the movie. The lack of a proper bonus round will scare many players away, but there’s always the chase of the Marvel Mystery Jackpot to keep you occupied.

So strap on your helmet and grab your Mjölnir – it’s time to hammer out some big wins…and enjoy some flowing hair along the way…

Bonus Video of Thor The Mighty Avenger

I think we can all agree that there were some plot holes in the first Thor movie and that it could have been better than the final cut that was released. So here are the funny guys from CinemaSins to walk you through everything that’s wrong with the movie from beginning to end. Enjoy!

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