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New Detroit has a cancer, and this cancer is crime. Thankfully, Omni Consumer Products has come up with the perfect solution – robotic police officers. Now you can join the fight in RoboCop Slots and battle crooked politicians and evil enforcement droids of Delta City. Your move, Creep.

  • Extremely Violent Game
  • Retro Style Graphics
  • Fantastic Bonus Round

Review of RoboCop Slots

Like every other red-blooded American boy in the 1980s, I loved action films. Thankfully this decade produced hit after hit, and was a golden age for violent Hollywood blockbusters. Schwarzenegger and Stallone ruled the big screen, while young up-and-comers like Dolph Lundgrin and Steven Seagal fought for respect. Then all of sudden things changed in the summer of 1987 with the release of “RoboCop” and everyone was asking, “Who in the heck is Peter Weller?“. (And eventually asking, “Where in the heck did he go?“)

Well we soon found out what all the buzz was about after some of the taller kids in my group snuck into the theater to see the film, but the shorter members of the gang had to wait for the film to come out on VHS. I still remember that weekend like it was yesterday; we gathered in my friend’s basement, popped the tape in the VCR, and were immediately shocked at the high level of violence. The hot rumor was that the first version of RoboCop was X Rated due to the graphic violence, and this would eventually be confirmed with the arrival of the internet some years later. The future seemed so cold and ruthless compared to the other action films of the day. This movie was definitely different.

So do I have some lingering childhood admiration for RoboCop? You better believe it. And anyone reading this review who’s between the ages of 30 and 50 will too. I consider this to be one of the classics right up there with Terminator and Predator, so this review is definitely being written by a huge fan of the movies.

And for those of you who have just stumbled onto this review by accident, you should know that this game is extremely violent and has constant gunfire throughout, culminating in RoboCop himself shooting you in the face. I know that most of you are not only expecting this, you’re excited for this, so the warning is only for those who’ve never heard of OCP or Dick Jones.

Now for all the other diehard fans of RoboCop, let’s go ahead and dive into one of the bloodiest slot games ever created…


As you can see from the game screenshots below, RoboCop looks a little dated. You shouldn’t let that worry you though because it actually looked dated from the moment that it was released. I think it looks a lot like the RoboCop Sega Genesis video game from the late ’80s that me and my friends used to play. Click on the images below and try to tell if this game was released in 2010 or 1990.

I didn’t include any of the bloodier screenshots from the game in this review because I didn’t want to offend anyone who didn’t know what they were getting into… and I didn’t want to ruin the gory surprises for the fans.


The city of Detroit has always been a little rough around the edges, but just wait till you see what it looks like in the not too distant future. Crime is out of control, the police are underfunded and corrupt, and corporations are buying up public property to exploit and abuse.

This is why Omni Consumer Products (OCP) are trying to corner the market on robot policemen and have a few different prototypes in the works. At their disposal is one of the deadliest machines ever built, the ED-209, but just wait until he meets RoboCop.

Officer Alex Murphy was just a normal policeman doing his job when Clarence Boddicker and his thugs shot him full of bullets and killed him for trying to arrest them. After being declared legally dead, Murphy’s body was then taken by the vile and corrupt Bob Morton and used as a spare part in their Frankenstein-like design for a new police cyborg. Once powered up, RoboCop was ready for duty – but would his memories and consciousness ever come back to him, or was Alex Murphy truly dead?

This slot does an excellent job of following the main plot of the movie through it’s symbols and imagery, and the bonus round will give you vivid flashbacks to the original film. This is definitely one of the stronger storylines I’ve encountered with a movie-themed slot game, so if you’re a RoboCop purist you won’t be disappointed.

Unique Symbols

I think that fans will be quite happy with the unique symbols that made it into RoboCop, although there’s always room for improvement. I would argue that there should have been a few more characters from the movie included like Dan O’Herlihy as The Old Man, Kurtwood Smith as Clarence J. Boddicker, or Ronny Cox as Dick Jones. Most fans would have wanted to see at least one of those old, crusty bad guys in this game. It’s not a huge deal, but it would have made the game a little more fun.

  • J (Jack)
  • Q (Queen)
  • K (King)
  • A (Ace)
  • Police Cruiser (1986 Ford Taurus)
  • RoboCop Logo
  • Auto 9 (Modified Beretta M93R Handgun)
  • ED-209
  • Officer Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen)
  • RoboCop (Peter Weller)
  • Shooting Target (Wild)
  • Prime Directive Wild
  • OCP Logo (Bonus)
  • Delta City Logo (Jackpot)

Justice is served with RoboCop being the highest paying symbol in the game with 750 coins for 5 across the reels. This is then followed by ED-209, the RoboCop Logo, and Officer Lewis, which pay 500, 200, and 150 coins respectively for 5 of a Kind.

It should be noted that any payline win that involves the Prime Directive Wild symbol will have it’s amount automatically doubled. I’d buy that for a dollar!


Fans will be happy to learn that there’s a RoboCop Slots Jackpot, but just like most things in New Detroit, there’s a pretty big catch.

Every time you have a Delta City Jackpot symbol fall on the reels it increases the amount of the jackpot prize, and then 5 of them in one spin will trigger it. However, since this is only an in-game jackpot and it’s not linked to a network of any kind, the prize you win is definitely going to be much lower than a real jackpot. Although it will of course be won much more frequently, and always by you.

Here’s how the Delta City symbol pumps up the prize amount:

  • 1 symbol = 0.2x bet amount
  • 2 symbols = 0.5x bet amount
  • 3 symbols = 1.2x bet amount
  • 4 symbols = 10x bet amount
  • 5 symbols = 50x bet amount

The current progressive jackpot total is always displayed at the top of the screen above the reels so you can keep an eye on it as it grows. It may not the be biggest prize around, but it’s certainly fun to hit it whenever you do. And don’t expect the game to make a big deal when you trigger the bonus cash because it just confirms that you’ve won it and displays the total on the screen.

Bonus Rounds

If you have a thirst for blood you’ll want to see 3 or more OCP symbols anywhere across the reels because this will send you to the “Assault on OCP” bonus round that has 4 distinct “areas” for you to blast your way through. You’d better be ready because these areas are insanely violent.

  • Area 1: Warehouse District – shoot at lawbreakers
  • Area 2: Hostage Situation – shoot at hostage taker
  • Area 3: OCP Headquarters – shoot at ED-209
  • Area 4: Executive Office – shoot at Dick Jones, VP of OCP

Hopefully you’ve been practicing at the firing range because in each area you will have to shoot at your targets by clicking the left button on your mouse. Don’t worry, it’s impossible to miss the bad guys because the game won’t let you fire if you’re not directly on target.

If you take enemy fire you will lose points off of your energy meter, and if you lose all of your health you “die” and the bonus feature is over. Also, there are no time limitations between shots so if you’re slow to shoot at the targets you won’t take any extra hits or damage. If you protect your neck and make it through all of the areas you are victorious and will claim the maximum amount of bonus cash available.

This slot also has a “Prime Directive” bonus feature that is triggered by the Prime Directive Wild symbol falling in any position on reel #3, which is the only reel that it appears on. Once activated, RoboCop shoots you in the face with his Auto 9 handgun, which in turn blows up random symbols on the reels to turn them into Wilds. This is a great way to stack up some extra free cash.

Free Spins

In what has to be one of the most shocking things I’ve ever come across in an online slot game, RoboCop doesn’t have a free spins mode. You read that correctly: it’s impossible to win any free games whatsoever. I honestly can’t remember another game that doesn’t have some form of re-spins…especially a branded, movie-themed slot.

So instead of walking you through how to win nonexistent free spins, why don’t I take this opportunity to remind you of RoboCop’s prime directives?

  1. Serve The Public Trust
  2. Protect The Innocent
  3. Uphold The Law
  4. (Classified)

Alright, good to know.

Again – an online slot machine without free spins…who would have thunk it?


The graphics in this slot have the right amount of flash mixed with the right amount of cheese. It has a retro feel, but the visual effects seem strangely futuristic and suit the game perfectly.

RoboCop Slots has one of the coolest looking bonus features I’ve ever played. You actually shoot criminals in the face and their blood spurts everywhere…but if they finish you off, you’ll be the one at the end of the round blood-soaked and short-circuiting. The battle with ED-209 is of an HD cartoon quality, and the backgrounds and graphics constantly change as you battle your way through each bonus area. I simply can’t say enough good things about the visual effects in this bonus feature – just wait till you see them for yourself.

All of the graphics shine in the regular game, and there are a few strange visuals that add to the cyberpunk mood. For example, when the Shooting Target Wild symbol is used in a payline win there are explosions around the heads of the targets and then holes get blow into them. I shouldn’t laugh, but I can’t believe how crazy this game is – it really is dripping with “cartoon violence”.

Unfortunately there aren’t any proper video clips from the original movie, but to be honest I don’t think that they would fit in with this game anyway. It has too much of an animated feel, and if you saw actual human beings it might take away from the fun of the fantasy violence.

Audio & Soundtrack

The original film score by Basil Poledouris is played over the intro video and it instantly takes your mind back to the movie. The best usage of the song is when you successfully clear all of the four bonus areas and the main string arrangement kicks in – it makes you feel extra good about beating all of the bad guys. This part of the soundtrack was performed by the Sinfonia of London, who of course did an excellent job.

In the regular game there are constant sirens and gunshots going off in the background which adds to the dark mood of the dystopian future. The chaotic sounds immediately conjure up lines like, You’re dead. We killed you.

All of the other audios like the reels spinning and stopping, or when you adjust your bet amount, are of a futuristic nature.


When I first realized that this game didn’t offer free spins I thought that it was going to be an absolute bust. However, after playing it for a while I realized that it totally didn’t matter because this slot has a ton of other things going for it. Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved for it to have free games, but in the end it just doesn’t feel like it’s that big of a deal…although I’m sure the Free-Rollers out there will disagree with me.

Another thing that some of you might find annoying is that the reels spin very quickly and the maximum amount of auto spins you can set the game to is 10. Therefore, players who like to auto-spin may find the game a little frustrating because you have to go back and push buttons every 2 minutes, although I’d argue that the game is definitely worth fighting through it.

With a progressive jackpot, cool graphics, and one of the most detailed, fun, and bloody bonus rounds I’ve ever seen, RoboCop Slots hits a home run and gives fans exactly what we’re looking for. There’s action, and plenty of it, and you’re going to be quite pleased with what you find.

So if you’re looking to take a trip to the crumbling ruins of New Detroit and violently shoot it out with criminals, this game is definitely for you. Just remember – your prime directive is to obey.

Bonus Video of RoboCop

Here’s a great mini-documentary on the making of RoboCop that every fan should see. Just click the play button and maximize the screen size for full effect. There are some very interesting facts in here that I had never heard…

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