Action Movie Slots

Terminator 2 Original PosterThere was something absolutely magical about the movies of the 1980s and it’s by far my favorite decade for action films. The genre exploded like never before with bigger budgets, grander imaginations, and brighter stars. Now that’s not to say that a game like The Warriors Slots isn’t any good because it’s based on an action movie from the 1970s, it’s just that the ‘80s gave us monumental blockbusters like RoboCop SlotsRambo 2 Slots, and everyone’s favorite Air Force recruitment tool, Top Gun Slots.

When you think about how great the action movies in the 1980s were it’s hard to believe that the films in the 1990s were probably even better. A great game based on one of the first blockbusters of the decade is Terminator 2 Slots, which dominated most of the teenage date nights of the summer of 1991 and is a prime example of a game doing it’s namesake justice. Arnold Schwarzenegger was larger than life in that movie and the slot takes you right back to the first time you saw it in the theater.

After sensing that his “Action Crown” was in jeopardy, director Steven Spielberg blew up box office cash registers across the world with 1993’s smash hit which set numerous attendance records and rocked viewers right out of their seats…and led to Jurassic Park Slots. Movies like this set audience expectations very high for the early part of the ‘90s, as well as the rest of the decade and beyond. The sky was now the limit for budgets and promotions, and action fans ate it all up and demanded bigger and better movies each year.

Top Gun Original PosterUnfortunately, not all of the movie-themed slot games that are based on action films are good, and sometimes you can spend a decent chunk of your bankroll before you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into. This is why this website is so darn important – it can actually save you money. For example, is anyone who reads my Platoon Slots review going to waste a penny on it? My goodness I hope not, since I clearly explain why it’s a 1.5 star game at best and should be avoided at all costs.

So always try to remember that just because the film was great, it doesn’t mean that the online slot machine that shares its name is of equal quality – especially when dealing with action-themed titles. Avoid disappointment by always checking here first to see if I already wasted my money on your behalf so you can concentrate on only playing the best.

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