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The biggest blockbuster of the 1990s is back with a massive online slot game that’ll rock you out of your seat. Watch your step as we head back into the jungle for cash and prizes because there’s danger at every turn.

  • Tons of Bonus Games
  • 243 Paylines
  • Original Cast

Review of Jurassic Park Slots

The world was shaken awake in the summer of 1993 by the rumbling footsteps of creatures long thought to be extinct, and what could have been a cute and groundbreaking scientific event turned into a blood-soaked ride of terror. What a shame!

I’m sure that anyone over 30 years old remembers just how big a deal this movie was, and if you were too young at the time all you need to know is that the film grossed close to a billion dollars during its original run in the theaters. Director Steven Spielberg was in his prime, as were actors Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Samuel L. Jackson…it was just destined to be a blockbuster.

They claimed that this movie was an adventure 65 million years in the making, so I guess that the same could be said about the online slot machine that bares its name. Although unfortunately for me, I waited all of that time for a 243 payline slot, which is my most disliked slot in the online gambling universe. I find it very hard to keep track of winning paylines, and the vast majority of them don’t have a proper bonus round – and I love bonus rounds.

That said, Jurassic Park Slots is one of the few 243 payline games that has been able to hold my attention for more than a few minutes, and I actually found myself enjoying it quite a bit. There are a ton of things going on throughout, and this review will breakdown everything you need to know, from the symbols to the free games. So let’s head through the gates and step into the jungle…


Although the screenshots below are quite visually impressive, they still don’t do this slot proper justice. You really have to play it to appreciate the level of detail and effort that went into the game’s design. All of the visual elements of the backgrounds, reels, and user controls come together to create a fantastic looking game.


The story of Jurassic Park is very similar to that of “Frankenstein” since it tells the tale of what can happen when mere mortals try to play God. And from what I can gather after watching the movies of the last 100 years, it doesn’t end too well for anyone.

It all sounded so great on paper: lets open a wildlife park but have real dinosaurs instead of animals. Well, technically they would be”cloned” dinosaurs from original DNA, but the fact that they weren’t “real” certainly didn’t make a difference in the end – they were just as unpredictable and destructive.

It was true insanity when bioengineering firm InGen and their leader John Hammond decided to push the limits of science and create a dinosaur park off of the coast of Costa Rica. How nobody at their company foresaw any problems with this idea and put a stop to the project is beyond me. Did they not mention what they were planning on doing to their lawyers or HR department?

After the predictable death of a park employee at the the claws of a Velociraptor, the financial investors want to make sure that this won’t happen to paying visitors so they send a team to Isla Nublar to investigate the situation. When the group arrives they are shocked to see incredible sights like prehistoric eggs hatching and full grown dinosaurs wandering around. Slowly the security in the park deteriorates allowing the dinosaurs to run amuck and hunt humans, and everyone on the island must now fight for their lives.

Microgaming has attempted to recreate the terror and scientific misconduct of the film by ensuring that the dinosaurs are once again the stars of the show, and this slot focuses on both the beasts and the main characters from the movie. Unfortunately, since there’s not a proper bonus round in the game we don’t get to dive too deep into the actual plot of the film, which is of course a downright shame.

Unique Symbols

First off, what the heck ever happened to Sam Neill? Can someone please check up on him? Never mind, I just did…it looks like he’s been busy, but just not in anything that I’ve seen – sorry, Sam!

I’m shocked that Samuel L. Jackson didn’t petition the game’s creators to include his character of Ray Arnold, the stressed-out engineer. Also, I would have traded the Triceratops symbol for Wayne Knight’s snivelling character of Dennis Nedry, but what the heck do I know? In any event, here’s what Microgaming did decide to give us…

  • Dilophosaurus
  • Triceratops
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Velociraptor
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum)
  • John Hammond (Richard Attenborough)
  • Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern)
  • Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill)
  • Jurassic Park Logo (Wild)
  • Amber Fossil (Scatter)

The game had to respect the film that it’s named after, and as a result the highest paying symbol is the Jurassic Park Logo Wild which gives you approximately 26.6x your wager for five in a row. Why is this number so weird? Because it’s a 243 payline slot so all of the paying combinations are going to be both small and strange.

The next best symbols are Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and John Hammond who pay 13.3x, 11.6x, and 10x your wager respectively for five in a spin. In the biggest insult of the game, Dr. Ian Malcolm is the worst-paying character symbol and only dishes out 8.3x your wager for 5 of a Kind.

And remember: because this is a 243 payline slot, you cannot adjust the number of lines that you’re playing since it has to be 243 every spin. However, you can increase your coin size which will increase your overall wager, with 1 coin equaling 30 total coins. So 2 coins = a 60 coin bet, 3 coins = a 90 coin bet, etc.


We technically waited 65 million years for Jurassic Park, so the least Microgaming could have done was include a jackpot of some kind, right? Actually, I guess that we can’t be too mad since 243 payline slot games never have a jackpot, so we should have seen it coming.

Bonus Rounds

I didn’t have my hopes too high for a Jurassic Park Slots bonus game because I knew going in that it had 243 paylines, and these never seem to have a proper bonus feature. It really is a shame this time though when you consider the subject matter and all of the cool scenes that they could have used from the original film. To be fair, there is tons of action in this slot, but it’s just that all of it takes place in the regular game, which does get a little boring for players like me who like to mix things up.

The only thing on offer is a small bonus feature called the T-Rex Alert which is triggered randomly at anytime during the regular game, and it gives you extra Stacked Wilds for 6 spins. It’s not a massive bonus, but it is free money so I’ll take it with open arms.

Free Spins

This slot has tons of free spin features and they’re always triggered by 3 or more Amber Fossil symbols anywhere on the reels. The bonus feature you trigger is random until you have entered the Free Spins Mode 25 times, and then you get to select whichever game you want from that point on.

First off, there’s the Tyrannosaurus Rex Bonus Game which will give you 12 free spins and up to 5 reels that are totally Wild. The T-Rex becomes stacked, and unfortunately you cannot re-trigger more games while freerolling.

Next is the Velociraptor Bonus Game which also gives you 12 free spins, but has the Velociraptor symbol stack instead of the T-Rex. This bonus takes things up a notch by giving you a Multiplier Wild which is a 1x to 6x multiplier, or a Split Wild symbol that can give you a “6 of a Kind“, which will basically just put a 2x multiplier on the payout of a normal 5 of a Kind. Just like the first free spins mode, this bonus game cannot be re-triggered.

From there we have the Brachiosaurus Bonus Game which dishes out 12 free spins, has the Brachiosaurus symbol stack on all reels, and gives you a Mystery Multiplier for each free game of between 1x and 6x on all of your winnings. The major difference here is that this bonus can be re-triggered during your free spins, so it’s a great chance to boost your bankroll if you hit this particular feature.

Yet another free spin mode is the Triceratops Bonus Game which gives you 12 free games, has the Triceratops symbol stack on all reels, and allows you to access the “Running Wilds” feature. This unique feature gives you a stack of Wilds starting with 3, but then gives you an extra Wild per reel with each free game. Not only are they stacked, they also nudge if you have a losing spin and will then freeze in place and re-spin till you win. Sadly, you aren’t able to re-trigger this feature.

Finally we have the Dilophosaurus Bonus Game that of course gives you 12 free spins, has the Dilophosaurus symbol stacked on all reels, but also changes random symbols into Wilds. If any Wild is involved in a payline win it becomes a “Winning Wild” which will lock into position for numerous spins until they are no longer used. As is customary, this feature cannot be re-triggered while freerolling.


The graphics in Jurassic Park Slots are simply amazing, with every single symbol in a winning combination having some kind of animation to it, and all of the character symbols morphing into clips from the original movie. There are tons of videos from the film jammed into this game, and heartthrob Jeff Goldbloom seems to get an awful lot of screen time. You will of course get to watch scenes with John Hammond or Dr. Alan Grant, as well.

When you get awarded extra Wild symbols and hear “We’ve clocked a T-Rex at 32 miles per hour”, your screen starts shaking as the angry dinosaur rushes towards you. The visual effects of the T-Rex lumbering around in the background are some of the best in the game, and when his head finally looks in from the side of the screen and covers the reels, no detail is spared…including his breath fogging up your computer screen from behind.

There are beautiful backgrounds throughout the game, with each depending on what area you’re in and what’s going on at the time. These are further enhanced by the fact that the reels are transparent and allow you to see past the symbols into the distance. The background of the park at night in a rainstorm during one of the free spins modes is amazingly lifelike, and it’s absolutely stunning. In short, there are many sweeping images of Isla Nublar, all of which take you right back to that movie theater in 1993.

Audio & Soundtrack

The soundtrack is a soft symphonic number that plays throughout the regular game. It’s slightly haunting and it sets the mood perfectly for trekking out on a dinosaur watching safari, and it sounds like it could have been written by John Williams himself.

The jungle audios in this game will take you right back to the creepiness of the movie as branches rustle, birds chirp with fright, and heavy booming footsteps echo through the trees. Also, each dinosaur in the game has a special roar or noise every time their symbols are involved in a payline win, with some of them being cute and some of them being downright scary. The worst is when you hit a “T-Rex Alert” and hear a blood-curdling roar from the most vicious dinosaur in the jungle – yikes!

When auto-spinning on “quick spin” the music and sound effects are cut off quickly so it gives the game a “hurried” feeling, which I personally don’t enjoy. I’m a big fan of the auto-spinner, but I recommend that you lay off the quick spin option in this game because the whole experience becomes too darn frantic, in my opinion.


As I constantly mention throughout the pages of this website, I don’t really like 243 payline games because there’s always too much going on with each spin, there are never any jackpots available, and they rarely have proper bonus rounds. So I was quite shocked when I found myself liking Jurassic Park as much as I did, and really enjoying playing it for long stretches of time, which was pretty much a first for me.

Of course this game is going to appeal the most to hardcore fans of the movies, and rightfully so. Microgaming stuck to the script and packed this game with lots of original characters and lots of dinosaurs, which is sure to please everyone who’s looking for a real blast from the past. Also, those who have a love of prehistoric beasts, or have established a successful career in palaeontology will probably want to give this slot a try as well.

If you are someone who likes variety in your games or are easily bored, you’ll probably want to skip Jurassic Park in favor of another movie-themed slot that has more bonus features. That said, when playing this game you don’t need to be as accommodating as the West African bullfrog’s ability to change its gender when confronted with extinction, but you do need to be comfortable with the fact that you’re never going to get a break from spinning reels.

But what do I know? It’s not like Microgaming was trying to do something extremely complicated like open up a theme park with cloned dinosaurs or anything. Let’s get the opinion of a true professional – what do you think about this slot game Dr. Grant? After careful consideration, I’ve decided, not to endorse.

Well that’s a little harsh – perhaps you have something to add Dr. Malcolm? Life finds a way.

Um ok…I guess it’s a split decision: lovers of the original film will enjoy this game, but non-fans will probably want to plan for a quick gambling session…you never know what will happen when you’re exposed to too much amphibian DNA.

Bonus Video of Jurassic Park

These videos from CinemaSins on Youtube are usually pretty funny, and also very accurate. Here they shred Jurassic Park like a T-Rex attacking its dinner in only 3 minutes. I’m obviously a big fan of the movie, but I think that it’s good if we’re able to laugh at the things we love. Enjoy!

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