Comedy Movie Slots

Austin Powers Original PosterWho doesn’t love to laugh? I certainly prefer being happy to being scared, which is why anytime it was my turn to choose the movie that we were renting on Friday night it would always be a comedy. Luckily for me the 1980s was a golden age for funny films, with blockbusters like Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off becoming instant classics while raking in tons of loot at the box office as well.

Eventually young, bankable stars like Michael J. Fox and Matthew Broderick grew up and fell out of fashion, but thankfully the laughs were extended into the 1990s thanks to comedic geniuses such as Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Mike Myers, and other excellent actors who improved upon the genre and released smash hits of their own. Of course Myers and Carrey mostly became popular for playing two of the most outrageous characters of this decade, both of which have been immortalized in Austin Powers Slots and Ace Ventura Slots. The good news is that both of these games are great and will actually make you laugh while you spin.

Throughout the 2000s I found myself watching less comedies, but that was probably because my life got busier and I was watching less movies in general. Then a few years ago after I had retired I noticed a new wave of hilarious women like Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Amy Schumer who have been starring in hit after hit, showing that women can be just as funny, (if not funnier), than men.

Pet Detective PosterSince online gambling became popular a few years ago, slots players searching for light-hearted games based on comedies have always had trouble finding good titles to choose from. This is primarily because movie-themed slots have traditionally been based on action movies. Which could either be because the online casino software industry has been dominated by men, or there is some type of research suggesting that there’s a higher demand for them. Maybe it’s simply because action films usually do better at the box office than comedies. Who knows?

Regardless of the reasons I’ve always found this strange because if you go to any brick and mortar casino in Las Vegas you’ll see tons of slots based on comedies from both the big and small screens. I would guess that this is due to the fact that I mostly see women playing slots in real life, and I’d say that most women would be searching for funny slots that make you laugh rather than games with lots of gunfire and explosions.

Thankfully, the tide has been changing and more and more games based on comedies are being released, with Bridesmaids Slots being one of the best. It stars the aforementioned Wiig and McCarthy and it will have you belly-laughing the entire time you play – just like the original film.

So you can rest assured that I always do my best to seek out comedy-themed slots because they’re in short supply and I absolutely love playing them. And if you really want to laugh make sure you try to make it to the end of my reviews because I usually end with a video that will make you smile. Enjoy!

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