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The terrifying Freddy Kruger is back in Nightmare on Elm Street Slots, bringing horror and cash prizes directly to your home. This game is frighteningly realistic so whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.

  • One of the Creepiest Slots Ever Made
  • Stays True to the Film
  • Not for Anyone Who is Easily Scared

Review of A Nightmare on Elm Street Slots

If you watched horror movies in the 1980s, Freddy Krueger is a character who probably still triggers panic attacks whenever you think of him. Possessed children singing, “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you,” is still one of the creepiest refrains ever put into film, so only the bravest should venture into this nightmare.

Anyone over 30 years old knows just how scary the original Nightmare on Elm Street movies were. This was due to both the extremely disturbing character of Freddy, and the fact that he attacked you in your sleep so you were powerless to defend yourself. And everyone falls asleep eventually.

I loved these movies as a child and anytime I was hosting a sleepover and we got to rent VHS tapes, my pick was always one of the Nightmare on Elm Street films. Now even though this slot game is technically based on the recent reboot of the film from 2010 and not the classic, this review is still going to be a little biased because Freddy will always have a special place in my heart…and in my furnace room.

Before you read any further you should know that this is one of the most graphically violent games we’ve ever played and it’s definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. No one will blame you if you want to turn around now.


There are many disturbing images in this game and even the most grizzled horror movie fan might be taken aback. We are providing you with a few of the tamer ones so you get an idea of what you’ll experience if you choose to play. Blood-splattered symbols and frightened faces cover the reels, and scary images are strewn throughout the game.


The parents in the fictional town of Springwood, Ohio hold a dark secret: several years ago they banded together to kill Freddy Krueger after he was acquitted on a technicality at the conclusion of his trial for murdering young schoolchildren. Now Freddy has returned to get his revenge by murdering the teens of the town in their dreams, which also kills them in real life.

And so went the plot of one of the most successful horror movie franchises of all time, which was eventually rebooted in 2010 with a marginally successful remake. Most fans agree that the worst sin committed by this film was that the producers thought that Freddy could be played by anyone other than Robert Englund, and therefore boycotted it. This new Nightmare on Elm Street release is based on this latter version of the movie, which didn’t resonate well with fans of the original films.

The storyline of the game tries to loosely follow the plot of the 2010 film, however, there really isn’t much of a narrative. It’s interesting that the game plays select video clips from the movie if you hit certain combinations, so they will obviously remind you of the plot if you’ve seen the film before. Again, be warned: all of these clips are quite violent and frightening but if you were ok with the blood and guts in the movie, you won’t be shocked at all with what you’ll see here.

Unique Symbols

The symbols in A Nightmare on Elm Street are a nice mix of playing card symbols of the 10 through to the Ace and the five main characters from the film. Any more characters than that and the reels would have definitely been too crowded.

It’s weird to see Jackie Earle Haley’s name beside Freddy instead of Robert England’s so lets just quickly move on…

  • 10
  • J (Jack)
  • Q (Queen)
  • K (King)
  • A (Ace)
  • Jesse (Thomas Dekker)
  • Nancy Holbrook (Rooney Mara)
  • Quentin Smith (Kyle Gallner)
  • Kris Fowles (Katie Cassidy)
  • Freddy Krueger (Jackie Earle Haley)
  • Freddy Silhouette (Wild)
  • Freddy’s Glove (Scatter)
  • “Never Sleep Again” (Bonus)

You just had to know that the Dream Master Freddy Krueger was going to pay the most with 2,500 coins for 5 in a row. Surprisingly, Kris Fowles beat out Nancy for the #2 position paying 1,000 coins for five across the reels. The next three best symbols are Quentin, Nancy, and Jesse paying 750x, 500x, and 300x respectively for 5 of a Kind.

Here is what the rest of the symbols pay, and how you will maximize your wins:

  • 3 or more grotesque Freddy faces triggers a scary movie clip and a “Wild x 2” bonus.
  • 3 or more wild symbols in a row gets you a “Come out and play” bonus of a random amount/multiplier.
  • 5 wilds on any payline that you’ve wagered on will pay 10,000 times your bet amount.
  • Expanding wild on reel 3 that gives you a 2x multiplier.

If you get a wild symbol on reel 1 and reel 5 in the same spin they will throb and say “pick me”, and you have a choice on which you would like to select, with different amounts of money are hidden behind each. They don’t usually reveal a huge amount of money and 2x to 4x your bet size is quite common.


There are two jackpots in this game, “The Nightmare on Elm Street Jackpot“, and the “Freddy Kruger Jackpot“. One is an in-game jackpot with a maximum payout of 10,000 coins, and the other is a progressive jackpot that’s linked across a network.

The Freddy Kruger Jackpot is simply a random jackpot bonus that can go off at any time, but it is dependent on the amount of paylines that you are wagering on. So technically in this rare instance, it is true that if you are wagering more money per spin, you have a greater chance of hitting the prize.

The other jackpot is a progressive jackpot that is awarded at random, with no rhyme or reason as to how it is hit. These types of prizes are always both fun and frustrating for obvious reasons.

Bonus Rounds

There is one bonus feature in A Nightmare on Elm Street called “Never Sleep Again“, as well as a “Pick Me” side game, and it’s activated by getting three bonus symbols in a single spin. The goal of the game is to pick and choose items that will help you stay awake so that Freddy doesn’t enter your dreams and murder you, which is nice if you can help it. There are four levels to this feature and each one offers larger prizes as you progress.

If you’re lucky enough to get 3 bonus symbols or more land anywhere on the reels you will be taken to the Never Sleep Again bonus area. In a bloody, horror-style font there is an evil message saying, “Freddy’s waiting for you in your dreams. A drink might keep you awake.” There are five different beverages waiting for you: coffee in a traditional coffee mug, a coffee in a to-go mug like you would get at Starbucks, coffee in a cheap paper cup like the kind you would find in a 1970s police station, a can of energy drink that resembles Red Bull, and a big yellow bottle of something with a red lightning bolt on it.

You click an item and a number is revealed, and if you don’t select an item that gives you a “game over” you are then taken to a fuse box where you can choose 1 of 5 old switches to turn. Again, 4 of them give you numbers while one of them gives you a “game over” message.

If you get another number you are then taken to an address book with names and phone numbers scribbled in it that is surrounded by an old doll, a few pairs of scissors and a bloody telephone – it’s quite the horrific spectacle. You must then pick the correct phone number on the pad without selecting the dreaded game over one. Two of the five numbers will end your bonus round, while 3 have prize amounts that will be added to the previous two amounts that you revealed.

The final total of the numbers that you collect in the feature will then be multiplied by your bet. For example, if you get a 5 and a 5 to total 10, and you were wagering $7.50, you would receive $75, (10 x $7.50). Once the bonus round is over a scary clip from the movie is played in an effort to further terrify you.

The Pick Me feature is triggered when a wild symbol shows up on reels #1 and #5 at the same time, with the silhouette of Freddy Krueger representing the wild symbol. When it is triggered, two Pick Me symbols will appear on any of the reels and players must click one of them to reveal a prize. Sometimes players get the chance to pick again if the symbol revealed gives that option.

Free Spins

The free spins for this machine seem plentiful for some reason but the actual math behind it is a mystery. Three or more Freddy’s Glove Scatter symbols triggers the freeroll and that scary image seems to fall onto the reels more than normal – perhaps it’s just Freddy playing tricks.

Here’s what you can trigger:

  • 3 scatter cards gives 10 free spins.
  • 4 scatter cards gives 20 free spins.
  • 5 scatter cards gives 30 free spins.

You can also win more free spins while freerolling so they can really start to pile up if you get on a good winning streak.


One of the most disturbing things about the graphics in this game is that Freddy’s darkened image is behind the reels the whole time. Sometimes you might find yourself staring into the blackness where his eyes would be, getting lost in the moment, and getting distracted by his trademark striped sweater. So be careful – you just might find yourself lost in his twisted world if you stare at him too long.

It is important to note that most of the graphics in this game are blood-soaked. Whether it’s the reels, the movie character’s faces, Freddy’s glove – everything is covered in plasma. This is important because many of you probably aren’t into horror and graphic images, so you might want to pass on this game and play something else.

Audio & Soundtrack

The audios in this game are obviously very scary: wind blowing, distant screaming, heavy metal doors banging shut, (which is probably a reference to the school furnace in which Freddy was murdered by the angry parents), as well as other horror movie sound effects that will leave you feeling generally creeped out and on edge.

Also, when you have two Never Sleep Again symbols fall upon the reels, the music and sound effects intensify as the other reels stop, which helps to build the suspense and anticipation for what’s about to come next. The game really does do an excellent job of creating a horrific setting and keeping you on the edge of your seat.


Any fan of the original Freddy films, or even the reboots will definitely enjoy this game since the software designers did a great job of staying true to the movies, but also keeping things modern with such things as HD video clips. In terms of the actual features, the steady stream of free spins and fun bonus rounds will have even casual fans of Freddy enjoying themselves too. Of course, the main highlight is when the Expanding Wilds start dropping and your bankroll gets boosted big time.

Lastly, it needs to be repeated one more time: this game is not for the weak of heart or those who scare easily – this game is positively dripping in blood. Horror fans will be ecstatic with this game but everyone else will be running for the exits screaming.

Bonus Video of A Nightmare on Elm Street

It’s amazing that over 30 years later, this movie trailer is still frightening and doesn’t seem dated at all. Check this clip out before trying A Nightmare on Elm Street Slots to make sure that you have the stomach for it. And whatever you do…Don’t. Fall. Asleep.

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