Finicky Folks are Flared Up with Firefly Frenzy

Play'n Go Launches Firefly Frenzy Slots

There’s not a person alive who doesn’t love the beauty and mystery of nature’s greatest insect, the firefly. Every time someone sees them lighting up the night as they glide around the sky they immediately revert back to their childhood and stare in awe. They truly are a gift from Mother Nature herself.

Now the world’s most-welcome bug has been honoured with a new slot game called Firefly Frenzy that’s going to have players wide-eyed with delight. The amount of time that went into designing the images and colours must have been astounding because everything looks absolutely flawless. As soon as you load it up it transports you to an enchanted forrest at night that’s home to countless of fireflies floating around in search of cash prizes.

This wonderful 5×4 creation from Play’n Go has reels that glow as they twirl, and the first time that you trigger the “Frenzy Spins” you’ll be blown right out of your seat. Needless to say, this is a high volatility machine that can start paying out big wins if you’re lucky.

Firefly Frenzy Slots Promotional ImageVariety is a hugely important factor in creating the best library of content. Slot gaming has an audience of millions worldwide, and so it’s only natural that there are different tastes and preferences within the market, proclaimed Johan Törnqvist, CEO of Play’n Go, as his special suit made of glowing bulbs flashed wildly at the impressed media who had gathered for the outdoor launch underneath the stars.

He finished his braggadocios remarks firmly with a stern warning to his competitors, At Play’n GO we have this diversity but, no matter the style, gameplay or theme of the game, they all carry one thing in common, and that is the Play’n GO quality which has led us to the top of the industry! Indeed, Johan, but it’s the players who will ultimately decide how long you’re there for.

Then in a bizarre turn of events, two actors hired for the press conference removed their firefly costumes to reveal the uniforms of a rival Austrian software company who had obviously infiltrated the proceedings to spoil the event. A shocking struggle then ensued between them and the enraged CEO while many in the crowd cheered, with footage of the aggressive iGaming confrontation posted on Youtube for all to see. We wish everyone involved a speedy recovery.

Those wanting to see this beautiful machine for themselves can play Firefly Frenzy for free by activating the demo version below. If you run out of credits simply reload your browser and they’ll get topped up for you. Make sure to have the volume up so you can get lost in the peaceful soundtrack. Enjoy!

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