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You’d better be ready to party because all of the girls from the office are here in A Night Out Slots and they’re not going home until you’ve done some shots and spun the reels. Just make sure that you enjoy in moderation!

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Review of A Night Out Slots

Sometimes you just need to go out and cut loose and finally there’s a gambling game that celebrates the art of getting jiggy. So when you want to enjoy all of the fun and confusion that you experience at a discotheque in the comfort of your own home, this is the title you should load up.

It’s hard to figure out if this release was originally targeted towards men or women. There are numerous good looking women symbols but only one male. And yes, he’s cute…but he’s the bartender, so how do we know that he’s not just flirting with us to get better tips?

Also, there is an image of a woman alone on the dance floor in a suggestive pose so I’m not sure if the creators were hoping that women and men would both be attracted to her? However, based on their tagline of “Ask one of these lovely ladies for a dance to get your free spins”, we can safely assume that Playtech was primarily targeting the male demographic with this one. Most would probably argue that the overall design resonates strongly with women as well.

This exclusive review of A Night Out Slots will break down every part of the game so you can decide for yourself if you want to enter this whirling, pastel-smeared discotheque. This “all-nighter” will only be for those of you who truly like to “get down”.


Since the vast majority of symbols in this machine are alcoholic beverages of some kind, you’d better be in the mood to party if you plan on playing. Also, you’ll want to bust out some of your best dance moves since one of the images is an inebriated bar patron who wants you to be her dance partner. As you can see from the screenshots below, the party is in full swing and the drinks are flowing heavily.


Most people wait until Friday to go out on the town but who among us hasn’t been sucked into a Thursday night out with friends or coworkers? There is also the dreaded “Monday Night Mistake, Look Like Hell at Work on Tuesday” night out that probably more than a few of us have been unfortunate enough to experience. Well, all of those mistakes have finally been captured in a great real money online slot machine so you can relive them over and over again.

There are not one, not two, but three beautiful heroines in this electronic fairytale of disco debauchery. Cindy, Kat, and Roxy are the devils on your shoulder telling you to meet them out for a night on the town. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, they want you to join them at the club for a night of fun and excitement. There are three other young ladies hanging out by the bar in the bonus area but unfortunately we never get to learn their names.

This game is pretty much identical to every night that you’ve ever spent out on the town – the drinks come fast and furious and there’s a good chance that you’re going to make a spectacle of yourself on the dance floor. The story reaches its climax in the special feature where you choose a woman to buy a drink for, however, in a wonderful twist of fate, this actually results in you ending up with more money than you started out with due to the cash multipliers and free spins she’s hiding in her go go boots. Wait, was that the whole plot?

Unique Symbols

Anyone who doesn’t want to be tempted by alcohol should just skip this title entirely. The fruity drinks all over the reels look ridiculously delicious and it’s very hard not to think about drinking lots of them. Except maybe the pear one because it looks kind of bland and flavorless.

Everything here is about tasty cocktails, with the base fruits being pears, kiwis, strawberries, pineapples, and oranges. However, strangely enough the Wild is a frothy mug of draft beer with the text of “Wild Beer” repeating in a border around the square. How many women drink beer, and more specifically, how many women do you know drink draft beer? Not many, right?

Maybe this machine is for men after all, but if that’s the case why are all of the other symbols extravagant cocktails? To remind men of all the drinks they’re going to have to buy Roxy and her crew to get the party started? It’s all just a bit strange…

  • Strawberry Cocktail
  • Orange Cocktail
  • Pear Cocktail
  • Kiwi Cocktail
  • Pineapple Cocktail
  • Sexy Blonde (Roxy)
  • Sexy Brunette (Cindy)
  • Sexy Redhead (Kat)
  • Frosty Draft Beer (Wild)
  • Sexy Male Bartender (Bonus)
  • Lady on a Dance Floor (Scatter)

You’ll want to see the beer taps flowing since 5 Wild Drafts in a single result will give you a massive 10,000 coins. This game happily perpetuates the stereotype of blondes having more fun with Roxy paying 1,000 coins for 5 of a Kind, followed by Kat and Cindy with 500 and 400 coins respectively for the same.


The progressive jackpot for A Night Out Slots is the “Dollar Ball Jackpot” that is available on many titles released by Playtech. It’s played by manually selecting five numbers between 1 and 49 or you can hit a button to choose them at random. Then every time you activate the reels there is a “power ball” style lottery draw that displays five numbers. You’ll receive different cash amounts depending on how many numbers you match and if you hit all five numbers you win the entire progressive jackpot. Not too shabby.

The numbers you choose to play will stay the same each time unless you change them and the bet amount will be automatically deducted every spin. The average prize is usually around $65,000 and is won every month or so.

Bonus Rounds

Unfortunately for everyone who paid cover charge to get into this club, there isn’t a proper bonus round to be found here. This is a shame since they had so many fun options that they could have chosen from for a special feature, like trying to hail a taxi at 3 in the morning, searching for late night cheeseburgers, or trying to find a bathroom to get sick in. The possibilities were literally endless.

Free Spins

The charming bartender represents you getting very lucky since he activates the free spins mode when he shows up on reels #1 and #5, and then whisks you off to the VIP Lounge. After entering the back area you will find your private bartender who is already mixing you a drink and you have to choose from one of the lovely ladies who are hanging out in front of his bar. Once you have made your selection you will see the number of spins you received.

Now that you’ve made it past the bouncer and into the bonus area you must then choose a drink to buy for the lady you selected and this will reveal your multiplier, with 20 spins and a 10x multiplier being the maximum you can receive. You can also win extra free spins while you freeroll if you’re lucky enough to re-trigger them – you’d better order a few Jägerbombs.


The graphics in this release are really sharp and it’s clear that the designers spent a lot of time on the imagery and colors. Both the women and men that are featured are extremely sexy and well dressed, with no detail spared on their outfits. Everyone looks so good in fact, that you find yourself getting sucked into their imaginary world where every night is a Saturday night. Oh no – I have to work in the morning!

Everything in this machine is beautiful and it all comes together wonderfully.

Audio & Soundtrack

The audios are not overbearing, with just a simple whirling sound and clunk once the reels are stopped. However, there is an excited female moan followed by a kissing sound after every big win. It’s slightly erotic but it doesn’t distract you too much from the task at hand.

You can play this machine with either music on or off and the soundtrack is a sultry synth riff that constantly loops. Think “10pm at a Mexican beach resort” and you will know the exact music that we’re talking about.


A Night Out Slots definitely falls into our category of “guilty pleasure games” that we enjoy playing for all the wrong reasons. It relies heavily on sexiness and design, with all of the beautiful women and the hunky bartender being the main dishes on offer. Oh, except for the numerous alcoholic beverage symbols that will have you pouring a drink 20 minutes into the game, (which is why we will only play it after 5pm).

Although this is far from being one of the most exciting slot machines available online and there aren’t a ton of bonus features, A Night Out should still keep most of you entertained…until its time to go home, of course. The free spins mode is fun and the soundtrack will keep your head bobbing, so there’s certainly enough here to get dressed up for – just remember to enjoy responsibly.


Random Video of A Night Out

When I think about going out to a nightclub there is only one song and one movie that comes to mind. Shortly after my divorce in the ’90s I saw the movie “A Night at the Roxbury” and immediately fell in love with the Haddaway song, “What is Love“. It was my anthem for freedom! Anyway, if this song doesn’t get you on your body moving, I’m not sure what will…

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