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Where will you run to when the night falls upon you? In the graveyard with the restless ghosts? In the gallows with the glowing skeletons? Sadly, there’s nowhere to hide in Haunted Night Slots, so you’ll just have to hold on tight and confront your worst fears…while you stuff your loot bag.

  • Gravestone Pick Feature
  • Great Graphics
  • Spooky Soundtrack

Review of Haunted Night Slots

It’s no secret in my household that I’m a big fan of Halloween so you know that I’m going to find some things to like about this creepy release from Genesis Gaming whether it deserves it or not. The good news is that they went all-out on the graphics so even the lack of a proper storyline won’t deter the majority of players like me who are just looking to sit back and have a frighteningly good time.

One thing I feel that I should mention for my more sensitive readers is that Haunted Night Slots does have partial nudity on one of its symbols, so if you’re uncomfortable with images of that nature you will probably want to take a pass on this. Just go select any of our other reviews to find a Halloween-themed title that’s not as risqué. For the rest of you, let’s continue…


The screenshots below show exactly what’s on offer in this machine since there’s not too many bells or whistles cluttering up the action. The symbols and overall graphics are good, with the small little animations that you don’t notice at first doing a great job of setting the scary scene.


You would have never guessed this by the title, but you are in for a “haunted night” filled with ghosts, evil pumpkins, and the sexiest witch you’ve ever seen in your life. As you spin the reels hoping to win cash prizes, the Grim Reaper slowly lurks in the background waiting to pounce.

Is he coming for you?! Perhaps, but hopefully you will have an opportunity to stroll through the graveyard first to collect the hidden money that’s buried deep in the ground.

Unique Symbols

Unfortunately the crew over at Genesis Gaming couldn’t think of too many unique symbols for this release and therefore had to rely on the always tiresome 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. When you consider that this was an original title that didn’t have to worry about licensing popular movie characters or the likenesses of famous actors, it’s even more of a head-scratching decision.

They could have included any scary images and people would have been just fine with it. They forgot about bats, spiders, and vampires, just to name a few. Heck, what about a chocolate bar or some candies?

The one symbol that they did remember to include was a half-naked witch riding a broomstick. Is she really half-naked? Yes, she is. She’s riding her broomstick so fast that her skirt has flown up over her rear end and her panties and stockings are exposed. Yowsa!

  • 9
  • 10
  • J (Jack)
  • Q (Queen)
  • K (King)
  • A (Ace)
  • Evil Jack O’ Lantern
  • Goofy Ghost
  • Black Cat
  • Sexy Witch on Broomstick
  • Caldron (Wild)
  • Tombstone (Bonus)
  • Haunted Night Logo (Scatter)

We all know that “sex sells” and as such, the Sexy Witch is the highest-paying with 1,000 coins for five across the board. Not to be outdone by her antics, the Black Cat and Jack O’ Lantern also hand out 1,000 coins for 5 of a Kind. The Ghost then floats in to put 500 coins in your treat bag for 5 in a result.

In a bizarre twist, the Wilds only appear on reels #2, #3, and #4 – now that is scary!


Hopefully this doesn’t scare you off, but there isn’t a Haunted Night Slots jackpot of any kind. Oh the horror!

Bonus Rounds

Thankfully the software developers decided to put a bonus round in Haunted Night, which is a simple pick em’ area that they call the “Gravestone Pick Feature“. You will be taken into a spooky graveyard where you will choose from 15 tombstones that are each hiding cash prizes. When you click on a gravestone a ghost will fly out of it and it will reveal the coin amount that was underneath it, with all of the amounts being multiples of your original bet.

You will continue to pick gravestones and stack up extra loot until you hit the one that reveals “Collect” that will send up a waving skeleton arm through the ground to end the round and pay you out your winnings.

The Graveyard Pick ‘Em is accessed by hitting three Tombstones, (or “Scatter 2” as it refers to them), on reels #3, #4 and #5. Also, you can trigger all this while freerolling which is always a nice little treat.

Free Spins

You will need to capture a Haunted Night Logo, (referred to as “Scatter 1”), on each of the first 3 reels if you want to enter the “Haunted Free Spin Feature“. One of the cool things about this release is that you can choose your own destiny via the three different options that are available:

  • 5 spins with a 10x multiplier
  • 10 spins with a 5x multiplier
  • 15 spins with a 3x multiplier

Also, if you are lucky enough to re-trigger the haunted feature while freerolling you will be given the same amount of spins that you had originally chosen, with the same multiplier.


The graphics for Haunted Night are pretty darn good considering that its an older, seasonal-themed machine. All of the symbols, effects, and backgrounds are of true HD quality. The animations of the Ghosts dancing when they’re used in a payline win might crack up some people since they resemble someone at a Halloween party who’s dancing after having too much to drink, (it really is uncanny). The Caldron Wild also bubbles and explodes in a very exciting way when part of a winning combination.

In addition, the skeletons dangle in the gallows as they wait for you to select your number of free spins and multiplier in the special feature – it’s hilarious. The Grim Reaper slowly lurks in the background as per usual as they twitch and contort. And as mentioned above, the bugs crawling all over the game’s logo and control buttons is a nice effect, (once you know that they’re not real bugs crawling on your screen).

Also, you might notice little bugs running across the bottom of the control panel and logo…do not freak out – this is completely normal and is just a part of the graphics. However, the first time you see all this it’s normal to scream and slap at the computer screen. The designers certainly have a sense of humor and some skills because they did a fantastic job and the creepy crawlies look life-like!

Lastly, every player who’s waiting to see the Sexy Witch fly through the night sky on her broomstick will be rewarded with that visual once they’re cashing in on a super big payline win.

Audio & Soundtrack

This machine might have one of the creepiest soundtracks ever put into a Halloween-themed gambling game. It sounds like a possessed choir of schoolgirls singing music in a Satanic church. Whatever it is, it’s quite the haunting song, (no pun intended, for once).

The other sound effects are just fine and add to the ambiance nicely. Whether it’s the thunder crashing in the graveyard or the Calderon Wild bubbling, none of the audios interfere with your enjoyment, which can easily happen in many other titles.


It might take a while for this game to grow on you, however, after some time and bankroll investment you should begin to enjoy it for what it is – a simple, spooky slot that will be fun for a few hours every October. And what else could you ask for from something you’ll only play a few weeks of the year?

Haunted Night liberally hands out free spins and getting into the Graveyard bonus round is fairly easy to do. It also has a decent payout percentage and great graphics, so anyone looking for a fright-filled night of gambling will definitely want to give this one a try.

Now lets go find some trousers for that witch!

Random Video of Haunted Night

Playing Haunted Night might not be terrifying enough to give some of you a true scare, so here’s a video of The 10 Creepiest Poltergeists Ever Caught on Tape. Many will probably find this quite disturbing. Watch if you have the stomach but be warned: these videos cannot be unseen! Muhahahah!!

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