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He made a career out of protecting people from evil and now you can join him in Hellboy Slots to battle the paranormal and deranged. So file down your horns, light a cigar, and hop into this flaming roller coaster to hell.

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Review of Hellboy Slots

I never really knew much about Hellboy until a few years ago when the movie first came out. This is mostly because the graphic novels were launched in the mid 1990s when I was still in university and there simply wasn’t any time for comic books between classes and going to the campus pub studying.

It’s not hard to like the comic book since it has a very original story and I’ve gone back and read some of the originals online, which definitely helped me to enjoy this release even more. After getting more familiar with the character, it’s easy to see why he has legions of diehard fans.

So this article won’t be fuelled by any misplaced nostalgia for the lead character: this expert review of Hellboy Slots is going to be absolutely objective. Although I do happen to think that this superhero is pretty damn cool.


In the screenshots below you will see what a good job Microgaming did with the colors, symbol design, and playing board. This machine actually has one of the best color schemes of all time and we’re not sure if we’ve ever seen another one that uses maroon as its primary color. There’s just something about the way the whole thing comes together that is really visually appealing – click to enlarge them.


Anung Un Rama, otherwise known as Hellboy, has one of the most interesting backstories in the comic book universe. Born in the 1600s to a witch and a “Duke of Hell”, he spent hundreds of years in limbo until he was finally summoned to earth during World War II to help the Nazis win the war. Unfortunately Grigori Rasputin, the evil super villain that called upon him, messed up and put the creature into the hands of the allies instead.

Raised by a professor in the U.S. Army, Hellboy eventually becomes a valuable member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense and devotes his life to investigating the paranormal and the occult. He was basically the original star of The X Files.

Oh – and if you’re wondering why he has stumps on his head instead of horns, it’s because he files them down himself since he views himself as more human than beast. What a sweetheart!

Now Microgaming has released a twisted machine that enables you to join the unlikely hero in his dark underworld surrounded by friends and foes: and if you are successful in bringing light to the world, you will also be successful in stacking up cash prizes.

It should be noted that Hellboy is unique because he is not a character from DC or Marvel but is in fact a member of Dark Horse Comics, making it one of only a few comic book-themed slots that aren’t linked to one of the two major comic companies.

Unique Symbols

The symbols for this machine stay true to the original graphic novel and are therefore creepier than most of the ones that you would find in other releases. That said, they’re not as unnerving as the imagery in say, Ghost Rider Slots because here it’s more similar to a cartoon and the vibrant colors actually make the mood a lot more cheerful.

The graphic designers at Microgaming gave us a nice mix:

  • 10
  • J (Jack)
  • Q (Queen)
  • K (King)
  • A (Ace)
  • Professor Trevor Bruttenholm
  • Abe Sapien
  • Johann Krause
  • Liz Sherman
  • Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
  • Hellboy
  • Right Hand of Doom (Scatter)
  • Hellboy Logo (Wild)

You’ll want to see lots of Wilds because five of those in one spin will give you a hefty 10,000 coins. The Hellboy himself is the next-highest with 5,000 coins for 5, and Liz Sherman backs him up with a respectable 2,000 coins for the same result. The payouts then drop off quickly with Abe Sapien, Johann Krause, and Professor Trevor Bruttenholm awarding 1,000, 750, and 500 coins respectively for five of a kind.

The only other things you should know is that The Hellboy logo can explode to reveal extra multipliers and if you use a Wild in a line win you will receive double the normal payout.


There aren’t any good people in Hell and there aren’t any jackpots in Hellboy Slots. However, the more positive among you might claim that if you make it through all of the stages of the special feature it gives you so much free cash that it’s basically like a “mini-jackpot”. It’s not the greatest but it’ll have to do.

Bonus Rounds

Hitting 3 Right Hand of Dooms anywhere on the board takes you into the special area called the “Underworld Bonus” that hides the Relic of Power. You will run around in the sewers opening doors that will reveal different prize amounts that are guarded by your allies.

If you’re very lucky you will unearth someone with a number as well as the words “Win All” which will give you all of the money that was on offer for that particular round. If you select a blocked door at any time the action immediately ends and you only get one pick each time so choose wisely.

The amounts are hidden randomly and are based off of your original wager, with all wins being tallied at the end. If you are able to navigate your way through the sewer and correctly choose 4 doors in a row you will enter the Chamber of Fire, which will give you an extra cash bonus once you’ve shot the crystal and claimed the Relic of Power.

Hellboy also has a Double Up Feature which can give you double or even quadruple your winnings. After any payline win in the regular mode simply click the “Double” button and choose either a card color or a card suit. If you get the color right you get double your winnings but if you get the suit right you receive quadruple your winnings.

Of course, if you pick wrong you lose whatever amount you had just won so think hard before making a bet. You can continue to gamble your winnings in this feature until you reach the win limit or make a wrong choice.

Free Spins

One of the frustrating things about this release is that the free spins are awarded randomly so you can’t really cheer for particular symbols to fall as the reels stop spinning, or for specific combinations during the regular mode. In any event, if you do hit it you get 10 free spins with 3 Wilds that appear on the board randomly and then lock into place for the entirety of the round.

The machine refers to this prize as the “Supermode” and has Hellboy jumping into the screen and shooting symbols to turn them into Frozen Wilds. Its actually quite a cool graphic and definitely a highlight of the action.

Unfortunately, this title doesn’t allow you to win more spins while freerolling.


As mentioned above, the graphics of the regular mode are quite good – they aren’t in your face but they still do enough to keep you entertained. Whether it’s Hellboy jumping through the sky or exploding into multipliers, or the Right Hand of Doom smashing the reels, Microgaming struck a perfect chord in the visual effects department.

However, where this release really shines is during the Underworld Bonus Round. The graphics of advancing through each level are like an animated movie and it totally sucks you into the action. Whether it’s selecting which sewer pipe to open or reaching the Relic of Power, the visuals are sharp at every turn.

Audio & Soundtrack

As you would imagine, the soundtrack here is somewhat menacing and depressing, but it of course fits perfectly with the theme. The audios in the Underworld Bonus are pretty funny and things like Hellboy’s deep laugh every time you win a cash prize eases the tension of the unholy sewer.

The best song occurs during the Supermode and it will remind you of a chase scene in Miami Vice or a movie clip of Steven Segal kicking in the door of a warehouse full of Russian arms dealers. Needless to say, it’s amazing and it will get you jacked up every time you hear it.

The only main criticisms of the audios would have to be the sound effects of the reels whirling because it kind of sounds like old elevator’s gears grinding and it does get a bit annoying after time. Also, when the reels stop without yielding a payline win there is a solemn gong-like sound which gets tiring both because of the actual audio and the fact that it is punctuating another losing result.

Lastly, when multipliers smash out of the Hellboy Logo symbols it sounds like a bomb going off and it’s a little too loud. However, for those of you who like a crashing and banging adventure, go ahead and crank it up.


This title is straight from the depths of hell and will therefore give all fans of Hellboy exactly what they’re looking for. All of the most important characters are included, the free spins and bonus round are fun, and ultimately it stays true to the look and feel of the original graphic novels. There’s an awful lot to like in this real money online slot game and most will want to stick around for long stretches of time since it just never gets boring.

In fact, even players who have never heard of this ghoulish character before will still enjoy this release due to its vibrant colors, cool design, and unique storyline. Surely there will be a few who don’t identify with the “World’s Greatest Paranormal Investigator” but many will enjoy the gruff, cigar-smoking half-demon and his dark sense of humor.

So I say that we go ahead and “upon his brow set a crown of flame” and give Hellboy Slots a chance to drag us into the abyss of eternal online gambling damnation…

…just be sure to bring some sunscreen!

Random Video of Hellboy

We like posting these CinemaSins videos from Youtube because they’re actually pretty funny, so here’s their take on “Everything Wrong with Hellboy“.

Warning: they’re pretty tough on the film so if you’re a super fan you probably want to give this video a pass. Everyone else will chuckle…

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