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Little Britain Slots


Britain, Britain, Britain. Land of technological achievement…and a few other things. They invented the cat and now their best and brightest are here to hand out free spins and cash prizes in Little Britain Slots by Playtech.

  • Five Unique Bonus Rounds
  • Tons of Characters
  • Crazy Graphics

Review of Little Britain Slots

Out of all the online slots that we’ve reviewed on this website, none fall into the category of “acquired taste” more than Little Britain. Our readers from the United Kingdom will already be quite familiar with the edgy brand of humour that catapulted the sketch comedy television show into popularity in the early 2000s, but as we all know, comedies sometimes don’t travel that well across the pond. Especially when the humour in question is so entrenched in the eccentricities and quirks of a country’s people – there were definitely a lot of “inside jokes”.

I used to watch this show every time I visited my family members who live in England and at first I didn’t understand any of the comedy. However, after socializing with a few Brits at the local pub, it all started to make sense…except for a few of the show’s stranger characters who still confuse me to this day.

This machine is loaded with clips from the original program that will have fans giggling as they spin and Playtech did an excellent job of recreating the whacky atmosphere of the classic series. Also, there are some bonus features in this one that will have your jaw on the floor with shock.

To be clear, this review of Little Britain Slots will probably only be for those of you who are familiar with the show, because if you’ve never seen it you’re not going to have any clue what’s going on and you’ll find yourself sounding like Andy Pipkin, “I don’t like it!” 

That said, if you’re into crazy mayhem and jumping in feet first, you might just want to try it out.


There is constant action going on in this machine as you can see from the screenshots below. Vibrant colors, characters bouncing onto the reels screaming, and tons of video clips from the show: it’s a full on comedic assault to your eyes and ears. Click on the images to enlarge them and take a good look at what you can expect.


There had been nothing like Little Britain before it aired in 2003 and the strange humour immediately struck a chord with viewers. They watched in droves and propelled it to the top of the ratings each year during its wildly successful 3 season run on the BBC. The comedy sketch show spawned numerous beloved characters, all of whom parodied stereotypical Brits in one way or the other, and each of them tumbled from the twisted minds of comedians Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

Each week we were treated to the ridiculously over-the-top antics of favourites such as Kenny Craig, Ellie-Grace Day, Desiree & Roman DeVere, and tons of other shocking Brits who made you laugh hysterically, roll your eyes, or a combination of the two. Newer viewers should be warned that they covered a lot of controversial subjects back then and many involved with the show have since apologized for the “cruel comedy” that they admit wouldn’t fly today.

That aside, millions of viewers still tuned in each week to follow the crazy lives of some of the country’s best stereotypes and the comedic legacy of Little Britain will live on far into the future…at least in jolly old England.

Unique Symbols

We knew going in that a Little Britain slot game would just have be stuffed with all of our favourite characters and Playtech did not disappoint in the slightest. Everyone from “Daffyd the only gay in the village” to Carol Beer has shown up to make an appearance and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, there was simply no way to fit everyone into this release and there were some tough omissions like Mr. Cleaves, Denver Mills, Ray Cooney, and Sebastian Love. Not to worry though, pretty much everyone else you would want to see was included and is at their comedic best.

  • 10
  • J (Jack)
  • Q (Queen)
  • K (King)
  • A (Ace)
  • Vicky Pollard
  • Lou Todd & Andy Pipkin
  • Emily Howard
  • Marjorie Dawes
  • Daffyd Thomas
  • Star Pointer (Bonus)
  • Little Britain Logo (Wild)
  • LB Crest (Free Spins)

This game is about Britain, Britain, Britain, so it’s only fitting that the Little Britain Wild symbol is the highest paying in the game with 1,000 coins for 5 of a Kind. However Lou & Andy refuse to take second place to any symbol and five of them in a spin will also get you 1,000. These two are followed by Vicky, Dafydd, Marjorie, and Emily who pay out 500, 300, 250, and 200 coins respectively for five across the reels.


I love a bit of cake and I certainly love a big cash prize but unfortunately there isn’t a Little Britain Slots Jackpot anywhere to be found in this virtual slimmers’ club. They’re basically making us live off of dust! “Ok, moving on!

Bonus Rounds

Sometimes the British just have to make things a little more complicated and the bonus round here is no exception. Like other fussy games it’s only triggered if you hit the Star Pointer Bonus symbol on reels #1, #3, and #5, even though most players would love it if 3 Scatters anywhere on the reels would do the trick.

Things then become simpler as you’re taken to a Little Britain bonus area with a no-nonsense wheel that has 5 spaces stuffed with 6 of your favourite characters, all of whom star in their own unique bonus feature. You then “spin the wheel like a true Brit” to find out exactly where on the map you’re going to.

In the silly Vicky Pollard’s ASBO Bonus you have a choice of 6 things for her to do with her life, all of which are hiding cash prizes underneath them. However, the longer she takes to make a decision on your suggestion, the bigger your prize for that pick will grow. Vicky herself tells you when this round ends as her “yes” to your suggestions keeps the round going and allows you to select again, while a “no” will end the round and send you back to the regular mode with your winnings. If you’re a good life coach this feature can really pay off because it has a maximum prize amount of 750x your triggering wager.

Next we find ourselves hanging out with two of our favourite people in Herby City in Lou and Andy’s Love It Bonus, which of course ends up being quite the spectacle as the two argue with each other (as per normal). Here you will pick objects for Lou to give to Andy and if he likes it your prize multiplier will increase. Once Andy has decided that he doesn’t like 3 of the objects you’ve selected and tosses them in the garbage can your bonus round is over. All of the objects hide different cash amounts so you’re guaranteed to win a little something no matter how finicky Andy is feeling that day, with the maximum win amount being 1,000x your wager.

Occasionally you’ll be sent to the slimmers’ club to enjoy the Marjorie Dawes’ Fat Fighters Bonus where you will have to pick from serving trays hiding different foods like seeds, pizza, and half a cake. Selecting fatty items will crank up your calorie meter and when you reach your limit for the day the round will sadly end. Watch out for dust because not only is it extremely nutritious, it will also drop down the level in your calorie counter and keep the round rolling. Once the binge-eating is over you’ll find that the trimmings are a little light in this feature as the maximum amount that you can win is 500x your wager.

Another section of the wheel is the Emily Howard’s Lady Things Bonus which has you helping her find objects for the fairer sex. Emily is of course only interested in the feminine products that are scattered throughout her room so each one that you select will boost up the bonus multiplier. If you pick perfectly and reveal nothing but “lady things” you’ll get 500x your original wager for your troubles.

In Wales, gays are almost as rare as money (so the game tells us) and it’s left up to you to generate a little moolah in Dafydd’s Big Gay Bonus. For this one you need to travel to Llandewi Breffi to help Dafydd pick a style that will attract more gays to the village. Mix up his wardrobe by pressing “shuffle” to try to come up with a matching outfit that will give you cash if you can successfully match a complete ensemble. Shoot for the all-blue outfit since that will dish out a hefty 20x multiplier on your triggering wager. You can also get extra chances to win if you hit “+1 Extra Shuffle” and extend the round, giving you better odds of hitting the max prize of 500x your bet.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, there’s even a reel feature called Anne’s Wild Bonus that can arrive at random during any spin in the regular game, and she’ll throw objects at the reels to transform anywhere between 1 to 5 losing symbols into Wilds. “Eh eh…ehhhhhh!

Free Spins

Keeping things unnecessarily complicated, the Little Britain free spins mode is triggered if you hit LB Scatter symbols on reels #2, #4, and #5 in a single spin and it will then award you with a straight up 10 free games each time. Not only is this awkward, it’s sure to drive everyone’s OCD crazy!

During the round you will be given Stacked Wilds of character symbols and win cash prizes if a full stack covers an entire reel. Prizes go up to 100x on your wager for one full stack that displays the entire person so hopefully you’ll see many Brits dropping by for a cuppa tea while you freeroll.

The reels auto-spin during your free games so you can sit back and watch all of the action unfold – with or without a pint of lager in your hand.


Visually, this is a very bright game with the Union Jack prominently displayed in the background and tons of colourful symbols on the reels, particularly the playing card ones of 10, J, Q, K, and A. It’s a virtual rainbow of colours each time you spin so it’s pretty hard not to be in a good mood, even when you hit a losing streak.

There are very few animations on the symbols in a winning a payline which is quite refreshing because it serves to keep the reels clean and uncluttered – although the confetti that explodes behind the game board for bigger wins is a nice touch. Also, there is a different background for every special feature so you have a nice change of scenery to keep things fresh.

Lastly, this machine has a cool little addition:when you hover over any of the symbols on the reels with your pointer the pay table for that specific symbol will appear and tell you exactly what you will win for 3, 4, or 5 of them on a payline. Obviously, you won’t find yourself using this feature a lot once you’ve gotten used to the game but it’s great for players who are just coming on board. “Computer says, no!

Audio & Soundtrack

The audio of the reels spinning in the regular mode will probably start to annoy you after a while since it’s just 4 notes being played quickly on a synthesizer. It actually sounds very similar to the fruit machines that you’d find in pubs around the island of Britain so perhaps those living in the U.K. will enjoy this. Older players may even grow slightly nostalgic as they listen to the classic 1990s-inspired sound effect.

The main theme song from the original show plays throughout the info mode on an unobtrusive loop, which definitely adds to the general ambiance. However, Playtech saved most of the music for the special features, like Pomp and Circumstance during the free spins mode, which blasts proudly and makes one immediately think of tea, crumpets, and British bulldogs.

The best audio in the game comes courtesy of Ray McCooney’s beautiful flute as he only arrives to celebrate really big wins in the regular game. His playing is just as magical as you remember it from the show and you’ll always be happy to hear the glorious refrains as the cash is being stacked onto your balance.

Thankfully, narrator Tom Baker’s majestic voice is featured throughout this title from beginning to end. It adds some much needed class and gravitas as he speaks directly to you every step of the way, commenting on such things as big wins and when it’s your last free spin. Baker’s voice provides a very personal element to this slot and it draws you deep into the story – it really is like watching the real show. “We must have the wrong house!


Fans are definitely going to be happy with what Little Britain Slots has to offer since all of our favourite characters are on hand, dishing out their famous catch-phrases along with the cash prizes. However, players who have never seen the television show will be shocked with the high-energy ridiculousness of the whole thing and probably never fully understand what the heck is going on, (which could be fun in itself). Especially throughout the bizarre bonus features like when Anne pops up on the reels and starts throwing Wild symbols like a madwoman.

This machine is constantly in your face in a very deliberate, funny, and colourful way, and you’ll be able to play it for hours without getting bored. There’s tons of action, free spins, and unique bonus rounds that keep the pace uptempo and the smiles coming.

Don’t be confused like Vicky, “ya but no but ya but no but ya!” – you’ll definitely want to take Little Britain out for a pint and relive all of the best moments from one of BBC’s most beloved programs.

Ahhhh Britain!

Bonus Video of Little Britain

During the original run of Little Britain fans fell in love with the character of Vicky Pollard and rightfully so. She sadly reminds us of many children that we went to school with who were always in the principal’s office for acting up. Here are her best moments from the show. Enjoy!

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