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One of the heaviest metal bands in the world is here to blow out your speakers and dish out cash prizes. After 50 million records sold worldwide, Megadeth Slots is here to rock out hard with Dave and the boys. Get ready.

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Review of Megadeth Slots

Allow me to state for the record that I was a huge Megadeth fan in the 1980s, and used to play Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying everyday after school for the entire year of grade 8. Of course my parents hated the band, which only made me play it more often, and with more volume. Fast forward a few decades, and there I was, shocked to learn that a software company had released a slot game that featured the band. I mean, come on…these were the guys that had all of the prime real estate on my old jean jacket – will all due respect to Maiden and Priest, of course.

Clearly I am coming into this review with some deep biases that will surely bubble up…but why would someone who doesn’t like the band even be reading this? I don’t think anyone will mind if I heap tons of praise on Dave and the boys, so let’s get started…


As you can see from the screenshots below, Megadeth Slots is a full-on, heavy metal-inspired game. It comes complete with guitars, drums, and band members Dave Mustaine, Kido Loureiro, David Ellefson, and Dirk Verbeuren. Leander did a beautiful job on the game design with the glistening guitars, detailed hair, and dancing flames during Big Wins.

Also, the work that went into each band member is insane…just check out that smirk on the face of the Dave Mustaine Expanding Wild. Click on them to enlarge.


Megadeth was founded in Los Angeles in 1983 by Thrash Metal Guitar God Dave Mustaine after he was given the boot from Metallica. During the early days, Mustaine and other band members were young and reckless, and were of course battling numerous drug and alcohol problems. The band kept it together through long enough stretches in the late ’80s to release three amazing albums. After Mustaine crashed into a parked, unmarked police car in 1989, he cleaned himself up and never looked back, releasing 12 popular albums over the next 25 years. And he even made up with the boys in Metallica.

There really isn’t a storyline in Megadeth Slots, however the imagery and bonus rounds are based on their 2009 single, “Head Crusher“. The official video depicts prisoners getting beaten up by MMA fighters in front of a television audience, in a scene that resembles the dystopian action film, Running Man. This is of course the ultimate price to pay for their crimes – getting a butt-whupping AND having it shown to millions of people at home. The final touch is a rabid crowd cheering on the beatings from behind the octagon fences of the ring.

Dave and the boys bang out the song on a platform suspended above the rocking crowd, while prisoners are picked one at a time to enter the ring, with their black hoods ripped off of their heads once ready. Eventually a prisoner’s hood is yanked off to reveal a beautiful young woman who takes off her orange jumpsuit to reveal MMA fighting gear underneath. She then proceeds to pummel the main fighter to the mat, raises a championship belt, and then the word “Pardoned” flashes on the screen.

She has clearly won her freedom, and the crowd is delighted at the ironic turn of events. It’s the classic heavy metal video story of the underdog triumphing against all odds.

Unique Symbols

Leander Games made the fantastic decision not to use any of the tradition card symbols like 10, Jack or King in Megadeth Slots, instead opting for all original symbols. Fans who are also musicians will be happy to know that they incorporated the exact instruments that each band member uses like Tama drums and Ibanez guitars.

Many of the symbols have flames burning brightly in the background, which I actually found a bit confusing at first since the band members look very similar when the reels are spinning quickly. However, you do get used to it after a bit and you’re able to tell David from Shawn from Chris. Regardless of any mild confusion, Megadeth Slots gets an A+ for its unique symbols and design.

  • Megadeth Logo
  • Dave Mustane Autographed Pick
  • Megadeth Branded Guitar Amplifier
  • White Dean VMNT Signature Model Guitar
  • Black Ibanez Kiko 100
  • White Jackson Bass
  • White Tama Drum
  • David Ellefson
  • Shawn Drover
  • Chris Broderick
  • Vic Rattlehead (Scatter / Bonus)
  • Dave Mustane (Sticky & Expanding Wild)

You have to wonder how the game’s developers decided on the values of each of the band member symbols. Did they draw straws? Have them arm wrestle each other? In any event, David Ellefson pays the highest for 5 of a Kind with 300 coins, followed by Shawn Drover at 200, and Chris Broderick at 150 coins. The only symbol that is worth more for five in a spin is the Megadeth Logo which gives you a respectable prize of 500 coins.


There are no progressive jackpots attached to Megadeth Slots, and unfortunately there aren’t any in-game jackpots either. This doesn’t offend me too much because Leander games don’t usually have jackpots, so I didn’t expect one in the first place. There’s tons of fun to be had in the bonus rounds and regular game, so most of you will be too busy head-banging to notice anyway.

Bonus Rounds

The bonus round is triggered when you hit Vic Rattlehead Scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. You are brought to what appears to be a motor engine of some kind, which has seven different prizes laid out in the shape of a wheel. You then press the ignition button and the selector arrow spins around the wheel until it finally stops on the bonus that you’ve received. The velocity of the spin is determined by the strength meter that goes up and down beside the ignition button, with green indicating a soft spin and red being a hard one.

The prizes on offer in the Megadeth bonus round increase as you enter it multiple times, with the amount of free spins and prize multipliers increasing each time you level-up. Some prizes have a green arrow which means that you continue in the bonus round after claiming the prize, while others have a red stop sign which forces you to collect your winnings and exit back to the regular game.

The base prizes at Level 1 are already pretty decent in my opinion, and they only get better from there. Here are the 12 different prizes that you can win when you enter the Bonus Round at the basic level:

  • 5, 6, 7, or 8 Free Spins
  • Win 3x, 4x, 5x, or 7x your bet
  • Head Crusher Bonus Round with a Max of 18x, 20x, 23x, or 25x

If you win free spins during the bonus all of the Dave Mustaine Wild symbols become sticky, instead of expanding. This can really lead to a huge pay day if you get the Sticky Wilds early and are able to use them for a bunch of the spins.

The other bonus round that’s available in this game is the “Head Crusher Bonus“, which is a “pick em’ style” round that presents you with 16 prisoners wearing orange jump suits and black bags on their heads. You then reenact the music video for Head Crusher by removing the bags from their heads one at a time.

If you pull off the bag and reveal a male prisoner it decreases the prize, so the object of the game is to select a female as quickly as possible because she will award you with whatever prize amount is left on the cash meter. So just like the actual music video for the song, it’s the female prisoner who will save the day.

Free Spins

You’ll freeroll courtesey of The Hanger 18 Free Spins Mode that will give you bonus spins with Sticky Wild symbols that remain for the entire feature. If you’re playing in Level 1 you get 5 to 8 spins, Level 2 gives you 8 to 11 spins, and Level 3 dishes out 12 to 15 free spins.

A cool reel feature of Megadeth Slots that could be considered a variation of a free spin is the “Mega Nudge Feature“, that results in players having more winning spins and higher payouts throughout the game. When triggered, the Mega Nudge automatically moves reels 2 and 4 to give you the symbols that will result in the best possible winning combinations, (based on the symbols that have already dropped onto the paylines).

Activating this feature costs you double your wager amount though, so you can really burn through your bankroll quickly if you hit a cold streak. However, when you consider that the Return to Player percentage (RTP) is increased from 94.95% to 96.99%, it all balances out in the end…at least that’s what I always tell myself as I’m activating the game feature each time.


As I mentioned in an above section, the graphics in Megadeth Slots are absolutely killer – no one should have any complaints whatsoever about this game’s visual effects. The expanding wild symbols, flames, and spinning instruments are all really well done and the designs on each are perfect. I suppose you could argue that there could have been a few more animated symbols in the regular game, but I’m happy with what’s there. Sometimes less is more.

A nice side feature of this game is that it lets you control the speed of the spins in the options section, so for those of you who want to kick back and play in a chilled-out way, this game has you covered. Well, until the bonus round that is…then it’s head-banging madness at a break-neck speed. Oh ya!!

Audio & Soundtrack

This slot game is definitely for the Heavy Metalers out there who love loud, aggressive music and raging sound effects. Each spin is accompanied by a very heavy guitar riff and when the reels stop spinning it is capped off with a loud electric slide.

Of course all wins are punched up with a different heavy guitar riff, so it really is a full-on metal assault to your eardrums at all times. Thankfully there are audio controls that let you adjust the levels of the volume, and let you mute the sound effects for music, spin, and everything else. Although I’m not sure I’ve ever met a Megadeth fan who’s asked that the music be turned down.

The ultimate disappointment in this game is that actual Megadeth songs don’t play throughout the regular game, since Leander could have easily added a mini-jukebox that allowed players to select from a few of their greatest hits. I actually would have assumed that the band would have demanded that their best tunes be included in their own slot game, but I guess not.

They finally give players a little taste of their catalog with the song “Head Crusher” during the Head Crusher bonus feature, and if they hadn’t of included that song I think fans would have revolted.


Speaking as a fan of Megadeth for over 30 years, I can say with 100% confidence that if you love the band, you’ll love this slot game. Jus dive right in, crank up the sound, and start spinning with your buddy Vic Rattlehead. However, if you’re a fan who’s expecting there to be a wide range of songs available, you’re going to be sadly disappointed – just like I was. I suppose you can always opt to crank up the Megadeth tunes while playing the game on mute if you’re that offended with the situation, but that just seems ridiculous.

So as much as I want to slam this game and deduct points for it being a “music-themed slot that’s way too light on music”, the fact that a gambling company even released a title based on Megadeth is so shocking that I’m going to let it slide. There’s enough cool graphics, detailed symbols, and heavy metal action to keep fans interested.

If you’re in doubt, just bet a few bucks from your bankroll to try it out. It’s the least you could do considering what Mustaine puts on the line every day…

My life’s on time but again my sense is late.
Feel a might unsteady but I still have to play.
Six to one’s the odds and we have the highest stakes.
And once again I gamble with my very life today.

Bonus Video of Megadeth

Diehard fans will know that Megadeth got their name from a flyer that Mustaine found on the floor of a bus warning citizens of the dangers of nuclear war, “The arsenal of megadeath can’t be rid no matter what the peace treaties come to.” When the band played Woodstock ’99 it wasn’t exactly a nuclear war, but it certainly wasn’t a “love-in” either.

Check out this full concert video of Megadeth’s performance at Woodstock, and take notice of the fires raging in the distant crowd – you can actually see the fires getting bigger and bigger throughout the show. Thankfully the festival’s organizers have never tried to put on another event since this one… the greed, crime, and destruction were an absolute disgrace…

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