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Spider-Man Attack of the Green Goblin Slots


The sickest super villain in the Marvel Universe is back to shower NYC with pumpkin bombs and now you can help Spidey battle him in Spider-Man Attack of the Green Goblin Slots and collect cash prizes along the way.

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Review of Spider-Man Attack of the Green Goblin Slots

Out of all of the villains in the Marvel Universe, the creepiest, craziest one of them all has to be the Green Goblin. His level of insanity and willingness to blow up anything and everything must push him to the top of the list of people you just don’t want to mess with. He is an enemy that can’t be reasoned with.

As a child I was actually quite scared of the Green Goblin and didn’t want to read any of the Spider-Man comics that he was in. Just his creepy face alone was enough to give me chills. Of course as soon as my brothers found out they made sure to terrorize me with his picture and chase me around the house with the comics as often as they could – siblings can be so mean.

So let’s try to keep any horrific childhood flashbacks from tainting this expert review of Spider-Man Attack of the Green Goblin Slots and present our findings objectively. After all, we’re grown up now and not scared of things like that anymore…right?


The designers at Playtech did a great job giving things a “comic book feel” through its graphics and animations. The colors are really sharp as the reels spin over the beautiful city at night and the whole scene does a great job of transporting you straight into the Marvel Universe.

As you can see from the screenshots below, this is visually one of the best Spider-Man gambling games ever released.


As with many comic book characters, the Green Goblin has in fact been a few different people throughout the years. Originally it was Norman Osborn, the sinister head of Oscorp, which was the chemical company that created the spiders that bit Peter Parker and originally turned him into a web-slinger. Unfortunately, Norman drank an experimental formula that gave him fantastic mental and physical skills but turned him criminally insane in the process. What a pity!

In the 2002 movie starring Toby Maguire the story takes a sad turn: after battling Spider-Man and killing his girlfriend, the Green Goblin is then killed by a rage-filled Spidey. However, this only serves to spawn a new version – Norman’s son Harry Osborn, who just happens to be good friends with Peter Parker. Talk about awkward.

This machine ignores the deeper relationships between the two of them and focuses on their battles and hatred for one another. This unfolds over different special features that you will visit as the action unfolds and the plot is surprisingly strong.

Unique Symbols

Most will be shocked to see that this release utilizes the worst symbol in the world: the dreaded “9”. They could have used the Goblin Glider, a web, Norman Osborn, or any of the tons of other images that are synonymous with this part of the Marvel Universe.

It’s really too bad because the symbol design everywhere else is amazing so why not go all out? Using a 9 has to be one of the most unnecessary mistakes that casino software companies still make to this day. That said, we did get a fair bit of good stuff too:

  • 9
  • 10
  • J (Jack)
  • Q (Queen)
  • K (King)
  • A (Ace)
  • Camera
  • New York City Skyline
  • Daily Bugle
  • Green Goblin
  • Mary Jane Watson
  • Spider-Man Symbol (Wild)
  • Spider-Man (Bonus)

You will want to be on the hunt for Spider-Man Wilds because 5 of Kind awards 10,000 times your line bet. The payouts then drop off significantly with Green Goblin giving you 1,000 coins for 5 and Mary Jane Watson dishing out 300 for the same. This really isn’t a big deal because you make most of your money during the special features anyway.


As with all newer Marvel releases, Spider-Man Attack of the Green Goblin is a part of the Marvel Mystery Jackpot network. This means that at any time during the regular mode you can be whisked away to their jackpot area where you will be asked to flip over squares until you have matched three of the same. You will then win one of the corresponding prizes of “Power“, “Super Power“, “Extra Power“, or “Ultimate Power“, with this last one sometimes being more than 6 figures when it goes off.

Marvel and Playtech say that the more money you wager, the better your odds become to trigger this area but it’s impossible to find any details of how the math actually works.

Bonus Rounds

The action really is non-stop in this title due to the whopping five different bonus rounds. Where you go each time is decided by the “Spider-Man Collection” area which displays five comic books that rotate quickly until you hit the “stop” button. You will then go into whichever one that corresponds with the graphic novel that the arrow has stopped on.

The five different areas are totally unique, with three of them technically being free spins modes:

  • Radioactive Free Games
  • Hot Zone Free Games
  • Rivaling Free Games
  • Spider-Man: City Chase
  • Spider-Man: Ultimate Fight

City Chase has Spider-Man chasing the Green Goblin around New York City, swinging from building to building, and each time he catches up to the villain he has the opportunity to shoot a web at a bag of cash. You choose which one our hero shoots and you then receive the amount that was hidden in the bag. It reveals all of the other ones before you move on to the next stage so you can kick yourself if you didn’t choose the biggest.

During this particular feature you can pick up “Spidey Sense” coins that will allow you to see all of the actual amounts in each bag before you make your selection, or you could get the “Hazard Spidey Sense” that will help you steer clear of the dreaded “Collect” bag that would end your round. Only the Collect bag or hitting the maximum number of 10 rooftops will end the action and take you back into the regular mode.

The Ultimate Fight has them battling in an ancient Greek-style ruin on top of one of the city’s skyscrapers. Before each attack you must choose one of the five Web icons which will decide who attacks, what the damage points will be if the attack succeeds, and the amount for that specific attack. The web-slinger racks up extra winnings every time he gets to attack, with it all ending once one of the characters runs out of bars on their health meter.

You each start with 20 bars of health and if you choose the Web icon that recharges the masked Peter Parker he gets 6 bars of health back. If you’re lucky enough during the Ultimate Fight to choose 3 Web logos that give you three attacks in a row he’ll deliver a Super Combo Strike that will give you 3x your wager for every health bar you take away from the villain. And if the good guy wins with his energy bars full, all of your funds will be multiplied by 5. But watch out because if you choose poorly and the man in red gets whooped, you might not receive any prizes whatsoever.

The Spidey Snapshot can come at anytime during the regular mode and will result in you winning anywhere between 3x and 10x your total wager. The web-slinger simply drops from the top of the screen in front of everything and a camera takes a picture of him. The photo is then published on the front page of the Daily Bugle, who gives you some extra cash as a payment for the scoop.

Lastly, there is a “Spider-Man Wild Feature” that also arrives at random anytime during the normal mode thanks to the Bonus falling on reels #1, #3, and #5 at the same time. The hero of the story then appears and shoots cobwebs at the board to turn either two, three, or four symbols into Wilds for the next result, which will of course increase the amount of money that you will win. This round can still be triggered even if a Wild happens to cover a Bonus symbol during the process.

Free Spins

As mentioned above, Green Goblin allows you to win free spins through special features with three of the five awarding a freeroll: Hot Zone, Rivaling, and Radioactive.

In Radioactive a radiation-filled spider will become the Wild and every time it lands on the board it will crawl off to “infect” another symbol on reels #2 and/or #4 and turn it into a Wild too. Unfortunately it only appears on reel #3 but at least you get 15 spins to play with.

The Rivaling feature can be as exciting as it is profitable as you start off with 10 spins and then if a Spider-Man logo falls on reel #3 he slides down and shoots the counter with his web, freezing it and giving you unlimited spins. That is until you hit a Pumpkin Bomb on reel #3 because that will bring out the Goblin who will slap your multiplier back down to 1x and resume the counter so it starts to count down again. What a heartless beast!

The Hot Zone is exactly what the title suggests: you get a “hot zone” of a square consisting of 4 symbols and if a Goblin or Wild lands there in the next 3 results they’ll lock into place until it ends, courtesy of our hero shooting his web over them to make them sticky. During the action Green Goblin simply acts as a second Wild which gives you a 2x multiplier on all of your winning paylines. You get a generous 20 free spins from this one, making it one of the best parts of the entire game.

Oh, and if the counter is already frozen and you hit more Spider-Mans on reel #3 he will simply slide down and shoot the multiplier number in the top left corner of the screen to increase it each time, dishing out more goodies. Of course you can’t get too excited because that multiplier gets whacked right back down to 1x as soon as a dreaded pumpkin bomb arrives on reel #3.


This machine has a fantastic intro sequence that quickly outlines the background between the two foes using nothing but still images to tell the story. This sequence really does a good job of setting the tone and building your excitement to do battle. Another great set of graphics that helps to pump you up are the ones before every bonus round, which are done in the style of moving comic book pages.

One of the best is the City Chase which has you swinging from building to building chasing the Green Goblin, stacking up extra cash as you go. The imagery as you sail through the city is totally fluid and basically the whole scene looks like an animated movie: it’s hands-down one of the best visuals ever included in a gambling game.

There’s also a crazy Turbo Mode capability on offer that rotates the reels at an insanely quick pace and even then, the symbols flying by look great. All of these various things add up to this release getting almost perfect marks for graphics.

Audio & Soundtrack

The introduction song gives you goosebumps of anticipation for the action that’s about to unfold. It’s slightly creepy and then it breaks into a profound build up with strings and a steady beat, just like the beginning of an action movie. The same song is heard whenever you’re in Info Mode, as well.

In addition to the soundtracks there are spoken audios throughout like in the beginning an authoritative voice says, “Spider-Man VS. the Green Goblin!”. Later he shouts, “Spin to win!” every 20 seconds if you’re not pushing any buttons. This obviously gets annoying if you’ve taken a break from the game and walked away from your computer for a minute.

Speaking of annoying audios, if you choose to play with the Turbo Mode engaged it’s strongly suggested to turn off the sounds. They really get annoying because they’re dropping very fast and the sound effects don’t change to accommodate the speed, so the noise could easily give you a headache.

All of the other audios are just fine, such as the hero dropping down from the top of the screen, webs shooting, pumpkin bombs exploding, etc. It’s just those darn Turbo Mode sounds that will probably bother you.


Without question, Spider-Man is one of the best superheroes to ever grace the pages of a Marvel comic book. He’s young, he’s cute, he has cool powers, and he’s never left without a funny wisecrack when he’s busting the bad guys. This release from Playtech did a great job of capturing the spirit of this Marvel Comic fan-favorite and everyone who adores the web-slinger will strongly agree.

The bonus rounds and free spins are insanely cool and tons of fun, and it’s one of those extremely rare machines that’s hard to get bored of playing. There’s just too darn much going on and the crazy features will keep even the most distracted players engaged and excited.

So if you love Marvel Comics, Spider-Man, Green Goblin, or just fun online slot games in general, you’ll definitely want to swing over and give this one a try. It’s a fantastic title that will appeal to almost everyone.

Random Video of Green Goblin

Many will agree that it’s all about the original cartoon from the 1960s that set Spider-Man apart from the rest of the superheroes out there. So let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane to see some of the best appearances of the Green Goblin. Enjoy!

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