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The smoothest cat in the world is back on the scene with his very own online slot machine. The Pink Panther is going to strut his stuff and sneak you cash prizes in this exciting game from Playtech.

  • Two Jackpots
  • Lots of Different Bonus Features
  • Great Game Design

Review of Pink Panther Slots

The Pink Panther can proudly claim that he’s a popular cartoon series, a popular live action movie series, and has one of the best theme songs of all time. This cool cat was loved by both children and adults all over the world for the last half century, which is quite the feat considering that the Panther never said a single word of dialogue. We was basically the original Mr. Bean.

Truth be told, just seeing the Pink Panther’s face takes me back to the old days – the movies were wildly popular in the 1960s, and the cartoon was a smash hit for the entire 1970s. So I think that anyone over 50 years old is definitely going to feel nostalgic when they see the Panther, and therefore they’re probably going to have a soft spot for his game.

The great news is that even though I’m biased, this game is actually a lot of fun to play and even non-fans of the Panther are going to be entertained. Here’s why…


As you can see from the screenshots below, the crew over at Playtech did a great job of designing the reels and stayed true to the original cartoon. Of course there’s tons of pink throughout the game, but the shades of blue that they used for the backgrounds and player controls balances out the color scheme nicely.

The animations for the various characters look like they underwent a bit of an update, which was probably the right thing to do. The foundational images were definitely from the ’70s cartoon, with just a slight twist on their original looks.


There have been many incarnations of the Pink Panther but this particular slot game focuses on the cartoon version from the 1970s, so don’t be looking for Peter Sellers or David Niven because they’re not here. And neither is the Pink Panther – the massive pink diamond with the flaw in the middle that looks like a panther in mid jump.

Even though the cartoon ran for over a decade, it never became clear which side of the law the Pink Panther was on. In some episodes he was causing mischief or trying to steal things, but then in other episodes he was helping people and thwarting wrongdoers. I guess he just marched to the beat of his own drum and did whatever he felt like at all times, and I can relate to that.

With none of the original cartoons having any dialogue whatsoever it must have been extremely hard for the writers to establish a plot. They had to rely more on visual gags and nonsensical adventures for their stories, which of course was just fine with the fans. Sometimes the Panther was wreaking havoc on a construction site, and other times he was tracking down thieves and helping out the bumbling Inspector Clouseau. You just never knew where he was going to end up each week.

This slot from Playtech does a great job of capturing the spirt of the Pink Panther and the general storyline of the cartoons, and the bonus rounds and features do a great job of developing the characters.

Unique Symbols

The reels in this slot feel a little bare when you’re watching them spin due to the amount of white space around many of the symbols. Therefore, I think that the game would have benefitted from the addition of another symbol or two from the original cartoon like Charlie Ant, Blue Aardvark, Misterjaw, or Crazylegs Crane Jr. They would have provided a little more beef to fill up the space.

That said, I suppose there’s an argument to be made for having a clean set of reels that make it easy for the player to see what’s going on. As you’ve read in a few of my other reviews, the reels in some games are impossible to make out because all of their symbols just jumble together. So I think we have to conclude that Playtech did a pretty good job with the unique symbols in this game. Here’s what they decided to include…

  • 10
  • J (Jack)
  • Q (Queen)
  • K (King)
  • A (Ace)
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Pink Paw Prints
  • Cartoon Bomb
  • Pink Paint Can
  • Inspector Clouseau
  • The Little Man
  • Pink Panther (Wild)
  • Pink Panther Logo (Scatter)

Of course the Pink Panther himself pays the most in this game, with his Wild symbol giving you 5,000 coins for five across the board. This is then followed by Inspector Clouseau and The Little Man who give you 500 and 300 coins respectively for 5 of a Kind.

I actually like how Playtech broke down the payouts because when you consider all of the different bonus rounds, there simply can’t be a lot of high payouts in the regular game – the features need to be paid for somehow. Thankfully, they still decided to make hitting 5 Wild symbols a fantastic payout so there’s always something for players to chase in the main game. The other symbols pay out small amounts, but with all of the features in this slot no one should really care.


If you’re on the hunt for a big cash payday you’ll be happy to know that there are two Pink Panther Slots Jackpots on offer: the Major Pink Jackpot and the Minor Pink Jackpot. Don’t worry, you’ll win a little bit of cash no matter what happens in this feature because The Jackpot Adventure guarantees that if you strike out on both of the main purses you will still be awarded a consolation prize.

The Jackpot Adventure area has 12 doors that you will select one at a time to reveal 1 of the 3 characters in the game. If you are too nervous to make your own choices you can opt to just wait for the timer to expire and then the game will open random doors for you. The prize breakdown is as follows:

  • 3 Little Man Doors: Consolation Prize
  • 4 Inspector Clouseau Doors: Minor Pink Jackpot
  • 5 Pink Panther Doors: Major Pink Jackpot

The Pink Panther jackpots are seeded by the players of the game in every online casino, with 1.4% of the total wager amounts going towards the prizes. The starting amounts for the jackpots are admittedly low, but very few branded slot games have jackpots so we shouldn’t be greedy.

The Consolation Prize starts with €80, Minor Pink starts with €100, and the Major Pink begins with €1,000. If you’re not playing in the currency of Euro, it will be whatever the equivalent is in British Pounds, U.S. Dollars, etc.

Entering the Jackpot Adventure can happen anytime during the regular game at random, even on a losing spin, and like many other Playtech slot games it claims that the more you wager the better your chances are of hitting it. Although I’m still unsure how the math behind all of that would work.

Bonus Rounds

There are a whopping 4 unique bonus rounds in Pink Panther Slots that keep the game moving and the action pumping. Three of these are proper bonus features, with the fourth being the free spins mode for the game that I will explain in the section below.

First off we have the Wheel of Pink Bonus which is actually 2 wheels in 1, consisting of an outer wheel that has multipliers of 5x, 7x, and 9x, and these can really supercharge your bonus cash. Keep an eye on that inner wheel though because that’s the one that’s really going to determine your fate in this round. Its sections alternate between “Collect” or “Respin”, and I’ll let you guess which one you want to be hitting each time.

You are correct – as soon as you hit Collect your round is over, but as long as your inner wheel stops on Respin you will keep going and continue to stack up the multipliers and the bonus money. I know from experience that you can really win big in this round because my personal best was a ridiculous 66x multiplier on my £4 bet, for a huge win of £264. I think I got to respin the wheel something like 10 times, which is definitely a lot more than I usually get.

Next we have the Color Pink Bonus which pits you against the Little Man in a fence painting competition. You each have rollers with his being blue and yours being pink, and you paint up and down the 4 columns of numbers which are laid out randomly with amounts between 1 and 5. You each roll over each other’s paint job and some numbers will change color and some won’t.

At the end of the painting session the pink numbers will be added up, with the total being the bonus multiplier on the bet amount that initially triggered the round. You can then choose to “Collect” and accept that multiplier amount or try again to get a higher number. Be careful though, you only have 3 chances and after the third you will get whatever the amount is for the final round. I play this game a lot, and personally I always choose to repaint if I don’t get at least a 17x multiplier.

Another extra feature in this game is the Pink Trail Bonus which flips the script and has you in the shoes of Inspector Clouseau hunting that sneaky Pink Panther who stole the beautiful diamond. You follow the pink paw prints on the ground, with each print giving you a multiplier that will be added to your total multiplier for the feature. There are 4 different rounds in this bonus and at the end of each you’ll be asked if you want to collect what you have or keep going.

This round is fairly straightforward, but just like every other feature in the game there’s a twist that will make or break your bankroll. If you choose to keep going and end up stepping into a hole, your round will end and your bonus amount will be cut in half. But if you press forward for 4 rounds and don’t hit a trap you will capture the Panther and recover the diamond, which will double whatever cash you’ve stacked up to that point. It’s a prickly pear, but personally I always try to make it to the end of the 4 rounds so I can snatch up that diamond.

Finally, there’s a small reel feature in the regular game called the Pink Pow that has the Panther dish out anywhere between 2 to 6 Wild symbols onto the board, which will of course increase your payline wins for that spin.

Free Spins

If you’re trying to track down some Pink Panther Slots free spins you’re going to have to tackle the Crack the Pink Code Bonus, which will give you exactly what you’re looking for. In this feature you are taken to a bonus area with 10 safes that you will crack open to reveal free games, multipliers, or Expanding Wilds. However, you have to be careful because one of the safes has the Little Man hiding in it with a stick of dynamite, and this will blow up your bonus feature and send you into the Free Games Mode with whatever prizes you have collected up until that point.

Thankfully, the feature reveals what was in all of the safes at the end of the round, because I hate it when games doesn’t tell you what you should’ve picked. I’m happy if I can open 6 safes without hitting the Little Man because that usually gives me enough prizes to get excited about.


This game has one of the longest introduction videos I think I’ve ever seen, which is due to the fact that it gives you a sneak peek at the many bonus rounds and shows you the action that’s in store. I recommend watching it in full the first time you play because it is kind of funny.

At this point I’m sure you understand why this slot has way too many graphics for me to go through, so just believe me when I tell you that they’re all great, and they keep the game moving. Whether it’s the tons of animations on symbols involved in payline wins, the crazy Wild symbols bobbling around, or the numerous visuals in the bonus areas, this game is straight up jammed with action.

For example, when the Panther drops onto the screen as an Expanding Wild the graphics are funny as he shuffles slightly and gives you a “thumbs up” for your win. In addition, it seems like the Pink Panther that hangs out at the left of your reels is always gesturing at you and making faces. There’s just always something going on in this game.

Audio & Soundtrack

The soundtrack for the main game is a perky little number that is dominated by an aggressive, yet peppy xylophone that bangs out different riffs for each spin. These are interrupted by wobbly blasts from a tenor saxophone whenever a Wild symbol drops on the reels, or a wailing trumpet if you hit a bunch of paint can symbols in a payline win.

The other tune in the soundtrack is simply a sped up version of the regular game song, which pumps out uninterrupted during the free spins mode. Wait till you hear it, it’s a real toe-tapper.

Then in what has to be one of the most shocking omissions in “Television-Themed Slots History”, this game does not have the classic Pink Panther theme song. I would imagine that the estate of Henry Mancini owns the rights to the song and that it would have been quite expensive for Playtech to license it, but I think that in this case you have to grit your teeth and cut the check. A Pink Panther game without the original theme music is incomplete, to say the least.

As is the case with most online slots, the audios when the winnings from multiple paylines are being added to your balance gets very annoying thanks to a loud sound for each line, and in this case it is a “BLARMP”. This is even more frustrating than usual because there’s no way to turn down individual game sounds in the settings.

The fire alarm that screams in your face when you hit 5 of a Kind certainly wakes you up…or blasts you out of your chair, depending on how ready you were for it. You will have heard this same fire alarm in other Playtech games as it’s one of their favorite sound effects to include. Hopefully they tire themselves out with this audio soon and bury it in their sound effect graveyard.

The final audio of note is that if you’re in the middle of taking a break from spinning and you hear a knocking sound, it’s not someone at your door – it’s the Panther knocking on your screen trying to hurry you up. That audio had me looking out my front windows the first time I heard it, so don’t get played for a fool like I did.


The few annoying audios aside, Pink Panther Slots is going to be a game that most people enjoy playing for long stretches of time. It’s really difficult to get bored thanks to the tons of bonus features, free spins, and the two available jackpots. The game really gives players wanting an enjoyable television-themed slot everything that they could possibly be looking for.

Big time fans of the Pink Panther will be very impressed with this interpretation of the classic cartoon, and I really don’t think they’ll have any complaints. The color scheme is beautiful, the reels are easy to see, and there’s always something fun going on. Not to mention that it feels like a bonus round is being triggered every five minutes.

So if you want a funky blast from the past that gives you tons of ways to win, go check out Pink Panther Slots today and get transported to that magical dreamscape of cheesy 1970s cartoons…you’ll be very glad that you did.

Bonus Video of Pink Panther

Well now I think we need to hear that theme song in order to get it out of our heads, and since we won’t find it in this slot game, here’s a version from the Youtube. Check out the amazing sax solo from Don Menza and the sweet triangle playing by the drummer. We even get a heart-felt intro by Henri Mancini himself. This one is definitely a classic!

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