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Superman: Last Son of Krypton Slots


Superman is back in the “Last Son of Krypton” to save Metropolis from the evil Lex Luthor and protect Lois Lane. Sadly, you won’t want to join him on his boring quest for justice in this absolute yawner from nyx gaming.

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Review of Superman: Last Son of Krypton Slots

If you’ve read my other reviews of Superman-themed slots you’ll know that I’ve loved the “Man of Steel” for decades and I believe in everything that he stands for. Therefore, I’m quite sad to report that this game should be totally deleted from the internet and never thought of again – it’s an absolute stinker! This is easily one of the worst comic book themed slots I’ve ever played in my life, and the only reason I played longer than an hour was to make sure that it really was as bad as I thought it was.

So if you care to waste your time reading an angry review about a terrible slot, written by a bitter fan, please continue. Everyone else please go back up to the navigation menu and choose another game – trust me, there are plenty of great ones up there.

For those who are curious as to why this game is so horrible, let’s proceed…


At first glance this game looks pretty sharp, but as you spin you’ll soon find that it gets very stale. The bonus rounds and battles look great, but there really isn’t any action to get excited over. Below are the flashier parts of the game that you can click on and enlarge so you can take a close look at what’s on offer here. Spoiler alert: it ain’t much.


There’s really nothing new in Last Son of Krypton in regards to the storyline – Superman is good, Lex Luthor is evil, and Lois Lane is a drooling, love-sick fool that can’t control her overwhelming feelings for the Man of Steel. It’s really just another day in the big city. In all seriousness though, that is the entire storyline of this slot.

Unfortunately, the game never explains why Metropolis is trashed in the background, and why in the heck Superman would ever let that happen. Perhaps it’s a reference to a plot that I’ve never heard of from a newer cartoon or something. Regardless, there’s zero story in this title so if you like a little bit of substance with your slot, you should put your suit and glasses back on and calmly proceed to the next Superman-themed game of your choosing. Believe me when I tell you that anyone who’s played this game before won’t blame you at all.

Unique Symbols

The number of Clark Kent symbols in this game are a little too much for me, but I suppose that some fans might have an insatiable appetite for the mild-mannered reporter. I would have suggested mixing things up a little with some symbols of his enemies or other characters or objects from his part of the DC Universe. Ultimately, I guess it just shows the amount of thought that went into making the game.

In fairness, I do like the fact that nyx tried to jazz up the playing card symbols by having the letter as part of a newspaper headline, but it kind of missed the mark. Nevertheless, kudos for at least trying something a little different.

  • J in a Headline (Jack)
  • Q in a Headline (Queen)
  • K in a Headline (King)
  • A in a Headline (Ace)
  • Lois Lane
  • Cluster of Green Kryptonite
  • Clark Kent in Phone Booth
  • Superman in Fortress of Solitude
  • Daily Planet Building
  • Clark Kent (Morphing Wild)
  • Superman Logo with Steel (Wild)
  • Lex Luthor (Bonus)

The updated Superman “S” surrounded by steel and machinery is the main Wild for the game and pays out the most with 5,000 coins for 5 of a Kind. The next best symbols are Clark Kent, Daily Planet, and Superman in Fortress of Solitude which pay 1,000, 700, and 500 coins respectively for five across the reels.


The creators of this slot couldn’t be bothered to put more than a three second animation on the symbols in the game, but you think they they had the gumption to add a jackpot? I think we both know that this is crazy talk – of course there isn’t a Son of Krypton Jackpot available. You’ll just have to keep your fingers crossed that those Superman Wilds start dropping in bunches.

Bonus Rounds

Ok – I admit that many online slots don’t have a jackpot, but expecting a unique bonus round isn’t that crazy, right? Well, apparently it is in this dark corner of the DC Universe because I can’t find one. I guess nyx must have thought that they had already provided us with more than enough fun and excitement during the regular game and free spins modes. Wrong!

A decent bonus round could have somewhat saved this game from the gutter, but instead we’re left wondering, “what could have been”. Well actually I’m not wondering that – I’m trying to figure out how to put the Last Son of Krypton up for adoption. Zing!

The only thing here that could be considered a “bonus” is the small reel feature that sees the Clark Kent symbols morphing into Wilds when 3 or more land in a spin, which will then pay you twice on the same paylines to give your balance a little bump. It’s as fun as it sounds.

Free Spins

This free spins mode is dedicated to all you ladies out there – the kind of ladies that sit at your desk for hours and daydream of the hunky man that you lust over. Your heart filled with desire for the hot dude that you just can’t get out of your mind. He’s all you can think of. Now…pardon me while I get sick…

Yup, one of the free games features in Last Son of Krypton is called “Lois Lane Wilds Hearts”, which I honestly don’t think will appeal to either gender. The boys will probably think that it’s too mushy to be a cool Superman bonus, and the girls might feel a little offended with the over-the-top stereotype. I know that I personally haven’t sat at my desk daydreaming about hunks for a few decades now, but I certainly have no problem with any ladies out there who do. I just think it’s a weird bonus round to include.

It is of course triggered when the animal magnetism between Superman and Lois is too much to bare any longer and he arrives on reel #1, and she then submits to his love by showing up on reel #5 in the same spin. Once activated, you will have to select from one of the five Lois faces to reveal your multiplier amount, number of free spins, and your number of extra Wilds. You’re then taken to Lois’ office at the Daily Planet where she stares off into the distance longingly, wondering what she has to do to land her man, shooting red heart bubbles over reels #2, #3, #4, and #5 to act as Wild symbols. Let’s hope he notices you now, Lois!

The other free spins area is the “Lex Luthor Frozen Wild” feature which is triggered by Superman dropping onto reel #1, while Sexy Lexy meets him on reel #5 for a stare-down. As with the Lois feature, you will have to pick 1 of 5 Lex faces to reveal your multiplier amount and number of free games. From there, the Big Blue Boy Scout might freeze anywhere from 1 to 3 reels that will change into one big Expanding Wild that will boost your balance…until Lex smashes it apart with a green orb, that is.

A tiny perk in this slot is that either free games feature can be re-triggered while free-rolling. However, this is balanced out by a final slap in the face: the game doesn’t reveal the 4 symbols that you didn’t pick in the beginning of the rounds so you never know if you made the best choice or not. Infuriating!


The graphics in Last Son of Krypton Slots are definitely for younger players who are more familiar with the recent cartoons than the traditional graphic novels. To be honest, these versions of Clark, Lois, and Superman are totally new to me and they look nothing like their classic selves. Although I guess the style could have been inspired by Superman: The Animated Series that aired in the late 1990s, they still appear to be updated to almost look 3D, though.

There are some small, decent animations on the symbols when they’re used in payline wins such as Lois snapping a photo with her camera and Superman taking off from his Fortress of Solitude, but I think that most fans will find these graphics extremely underwhelming. Even Clark Kent opening his shirt to reveal the Superman “S” leaves you feeling unfulfilled.

The graphics in this game are strangely deceptive: at first they look good but then they just get annoying. In a strange way the animations seem old when compared to other superhero games that were released many years ago. They definitely didn’t improve on the design and it almost seems like they regressed.

To give the game a little credit, the battle scenes during the Lex free spins are cool, and the background of a destroyed Metropolis with piles of concrete and twisted steel scattering the street is a nice touch. It’s just that there’s not very many moving pieces in this game or animations that make you sit up and take notice.

Audio & Soundtrack

The main soundtrack is like no other song that I’ve ever heard in one of the movies so perhaps it’s from one of the cartoons or some other show that I’m unaware of. It’s a dramatic number played by a full symphony that actually sounds more like “Game of Thrones” than “Man of Steel”.

When you hit a larger win you get a mini trumpet solo that was definitely inspired by the original theme of Superman The Movie from 1978. It’s one of the few things in the game that conjures up memories of the traditional Superman.

The hearts popping as Lois daydreams at her desk are one of the better sound effects that you’ll find here, however it’s more suited to a candy crushing game than a slot about one of the greatest superheroes of all time. Also, the harps that ring out as the hearts pop from her thought bubble were a wonderfully condescending touch.

All of the other audios are bland or insignificant.


I still can’t believe how disappointing Son of Krypton Slots is, and that it was actually released for public consumption. Sure I went into it with high hopes, but those were quickly crushed as I saw the bland game design and weird animations. Not to mention that I waited forever before I triggered a bonus feature – the game seems very stingy.

How sad is it that the original Superman Slots by nyx is a thousand times better than this version? It would have absolutely been a home run if Son of Krypton was based on this first release and was simply updated graphically with some extra bells and whistles thrown in for fun. Oh, that reminds me – the ultimate insult here is that the older game actually has more bonus features than this one. What a shame!

When you consider the condescending Lois Lane free spins, the lack of a proper bonus round, and the boring soundtrack and audios, it’s hard to believe that anyone could play this game and actually enjoy themselves. There’s just nothing whatsoever to get excited about.

So unfortunately the “Man of Tomorrow” comes off as the “Man of Yesterday” in this monumental let down of a game.

Avoid it at all costs.

Bonus Video of Son of Krypton

What video could possibly follow a review about a game this bad? I have no idea. Let’s try an anti-smoking public service announcement from Superman and see how it fits. Enjoy!

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