King of the Trident Slots from Pariplay Takes Players on a Deep Dive for Fun and Treasure

Pariplay Releases King of the Trident Slots

This summer a steady stream of underwater-themed releases are flowing with countless ones based in and around the ocean. Continuing the trend, Pariplay launched the wonderful King of the Trident Slots to both astound and mesmerize users, especially those who with an affinity for deep sea action.

Colors are absolutely gorgeous and jump off the screen in bright neon designs of purple shellfish, blue dolphins, and pink octopuses, just to name a few. The soundtrack is one of the most relaxing tunes ever heard, a mix of Enya with meditation nature sounds.

King of the Trident Slots ScreenshotThe board is definitely going to get a few strange looks due to its unique layout of 3×3 reels with a 2×6 section to the right, and it certainly does take a bit of getting used to. Although, when Giant Re-Spin is triggered and the 3×3 section morphs into one giant reel to boost bankrolls, it’s guaranteed excitement every time.

This crazy layout obviously means those with shorter attention spans will have problems keeping up with paylines and understanding exactly what caused coins to be put onto their balance, others will be too zen to care. Speaking of win lines, it should be mentioned that this machine has an insane 972, making it a very rare creation indeed.

Backgrounds are extremely intricate with fish swimming around in the distance and bubbles floating everywhere. It feels like sitting on the ocean floor watching Mother Nature do her thing. Hanging out with Poseidon and the sexy green-haired mermaid is lovely since they do everything in their power to help stack up loot, especially when hitting five Scatters issuing 40 free spins.

We have now implemented a schedule that will deliver twice-monthly game releases, including King of The Trident, which follows hot on the heels of Gold’orado, boasted Richard Mintz, Commercial and Marketing Director at Pariplay, slamming his prop trident into the stage for emphasis. After readjusting the fake beard that was slowly peeling off of his face, he finished ominously with, The King of the Trident game also continues our commitment to sending players on unique gameplay adventures, which in this case means diving into Poseidon’s kingdom and taking advantage of our Giant Re-Spin feature.

It absolutely does, Richard, and that phenomenal accomplishment is going to turn more than a few heads this summer.

Play King of the Trident Slots

Anyone wanting to play King of Trident Slots for free can click on the demo below and enjoy it without risking a penny. The game simply loads on screen and provides 100,000 credits, and if running out, just refresh the page to reset the balance.

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