More Great June 2017 Slots

Green LanternIt has been a challenge to cover all the fresh releases in June, but here are more highlights of the summer. Firstly, for fans of early Nintendo, a new Zelda slot hit the market. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has loads of features, including Master Mode which involves a survival-type game play in which the player must defeat enemies without any weapons or armor. This is referred to as Trial of the Sword, where the sword is earned as a reward, and the sword power “awakened”.

It also boasts Heroes Path Mode, where progress is tracked across Hyrule in order to get a better understanding of areas that haven’t been explored yet. Additionally, exciting options include Korok Mask, which shakes to alert players when they’re close to one of the 900 Koroks to be found.

For another exciting, yet completely different journey, check out WinADay’s new Trip to Japan, extending lanterns, origami, and geisha girls, all surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms. It uses the exclusive user interface from WinADay, along with a two-phase bonus round, Wilds and Double Wilds, with a maximum risk amount of $8.00.

Finally, circling back to “fandom,” NextGen released a few refreshed DC Comics titles, including Green Lantern, Batman, and The Flash. All contain improved graphics, wild multipliers, and unique extras specific to each. Some predecessors such as Batman Slots and Green Lantern were already highly entertaining, so these are truly remarkable.

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