Pariplay Pops Out Parrot Parody for Passionate Players

Parrot's Gold Slots Launched by Pariplay

Swashbucklers across Europe were ecstatic to wake up to a new game release last week paying homage to the mouthiest bird in the world, the parrot. Obviously this feathered freak of nature is starring in his own pirate-themed production, transporting users back to the wonderful days of Caribbean piracy, scurvy, and the blood-thirsty looting of terrified sea travelers.

The new Parrot’s Gold Slots tells the tale of scallywags chasing gold, with the story unfolding from the bird’s perspective as it sits on the shoulders of thugs, talking smack to prisoners rather than doing any of the heavy lifting. This 50 line machine boasts respins, decent RTP, and not one, but four unique prize parrots to party with. Action unfolds in front of a pirate ship’s deck, with four jackpot amounts lining the screen’s right hand side for players to keep a watchful eye on.

The colors in this one are beautiful with orange being predominant throughout, but with splashes of cartoon-style purples, pinks, and yellows as well. Also, the design might take some people a little off-guard since with its six reels and four rows of symbols, rather than the traditional 5×3 grid most are used to. That means a lot of things to keep track of each spin, but it’s just part of the “fun” of this particular creation.

During the launch, Richard Mintz, Commercial and Marketing Director at Pariplay, said, We’re excited to release Parrot’s Gold, a, quite literally, ‘flagship’ title designed for the adventurous thrill-seeking player, which is hot on the heels of our most recent Lucky Vegas slot launch, pausing for laughter that never arrived. He then appeared extremely disappointed that nobody enjoyed his prepared pun and quietly finished his statement with, Parrot’s Gold is also the first game to feature our new hold and respin functionality, allowing players to bank on big prizes.

Yes it is, Richard, and we can’t wait to hear the player community’s feedback to see how it’s ultimately received.

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