Untamed Wilds Unleashed on Unsuspecting Public by Unabashed Swedes

Untamed Wilds Slots Released by Yggdrasil

It seems like every other day there’s a new slot game release to report on and today there’s one that’s really going to have people rattled. That’s because the subject matter is absolutely “wild” and once you see the beasts that you’ll encounter during the action, you’ll understand that Untamed Wilds is anything but tranquil.

Whether it’s the ferocious wolf, enraged bear, or demonic owl, the shocking Swedish wildlife will have you on the edge of your seat as you navigate the Nordic forrest foraging for winning paylines to nourish your bank balance. The gorgeous background is exposed for all to see thanks to the wise decision of the design team to make the reels transparent and simply have the unique symbols hover in the sky like mystical Norse gods. You’ll even travel throughout nature enjoying three unique scenes involving wandering rivers, eerie forests, and unforgiving mountains.

As a Swede myself, the theme is very close to my heart, beamed Jonas Strandman, Senior Product Strategist at Yggdrasil who’s well-known in the gaming industry for his fervent sense of Nordic pride. After taking a sip of filmjölk he then finished his thoughts by stating firmly, Players enjoy a perfect blend of tranquillity by being close to nature combined with the raw power of the Nordic wilderness. Absolutely, Jonas, but some of us to the south may find this power to be too overwhelming.

In true Swedish fashion, Yggdrasil has decided to make the ethnocentric decision to only allow Svenska Spel Sport & Casino to have the game at this time, thus reaffirming the long-held global belief that “Swedes prefer to stick to their own”.

For those of us who don’t live in the Scandinavian paradise of Sweden, we’ll just have to wait until this title is given to more betting websites in the future. Let’s just hope that the folks at Yggdrasil aren’t too stuffed with pickled herring and Prinsesstårta to sign the contracts to make it happen. Skål!

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