Wazdan Releases Lucky Fish Slots with Fantastic Unique Features

Wazdan Releases Lucky Fish Slots

Every slot release usually has something special about it but when Wazdan software company launches a new title, odds are it’s going to be completely different. They go above and beyond industry standards by incorporating tons of amazing extras into their creations that players are finally starting to appreciate. Now, another addition to their games list is going to have people bubbling over with jubilation.

Wazdan is taking us under the waves with Lucky Fish Slots, starring a whole host of cute sea creatures that will astound with vibrant colors and wonderful design. Each one is fully animated with moving parts and huge smiles, making the entire machine come to life with activity. The creative team made the reels transparent so the gorgeous sea floor in the background can be fully enjoyed, even building a double screen view to see everything up close.

Lucky Fish Slots Sea CreaturesIn terms of mechanics, it’s a 3 row, 5 reel, 243 line creation sporting three volatility levels, allowing users to actually customize payout percentages to their liking. Settings of low, standard, or high may be selected depending on risk amount desired, enabling Mini-Freerolls in regular mode.

Lucky Fish boasts Cascading Reels that keep dropping new symbols onto successful results until a losing combination is manifested. Also, a magical clam can arrive from the ocean depths to seductively open and display its Perfect Pearl, issuing a mystery cash bonus in the process.

If all this wasn’t enough, Wazdan included a gamble feature permitting doubling win amounts by picking one of two treasure chests to open. If gold coins are found, twice as much is added to balances, but if not, total stakes up to that point are lost. This is available up to a maximum of seven times, ensuring things can get really crazy if on a roll.

Andrzej Hyla, Head of Sales at Wazdan, exclaimed at the launch party, We are extremely excited to see Lucky Fish go live! As he wiggled uncomfortably in his foam seahorse costume he finished his prepared statement, Lucky Fish is following a long line of new ones from our team this year, and we are proud to see it join our portfolio of more than 110 HTML5 games.

Congrats, Andrzej, your company should absolutely be proud of this achievement.

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