Whales and Wheels: New Slots from Microgaming

Monster Wheels Slots IntroThe barrage of fun new slot games keep coming this month with Microgaming launching two titles on opposite sides of the spectrum, with both sure to stir up some excitement. One will delight fans of classic literature, while the other should appeal to gear-heads looking for an interesting twist on the spooky slots that dominate the internet every October.

First off we have Monster Wheels Slots which is sure to get your heart pumping and your juices flowing as the 5 reels spin to give you either 128 or 288 ways to win. When in 128 ways mode reels #1 and #5 only have two spaces for symbols to fall into, reel #3 only has three, and reels #2 and #4 have 4 symbols. This makes the layout quite unique, and possibly even hard to follow for those who are used to traditional online slot machines. The crazy game board gets flipped around if you select the 288 ways mode and reels #1 and #5 have 4 squares, reels #2 and #4 have 3, and the center reel has two places for symbols to fall in.

Microgaming knows that people who are into hotrods are also into complete control behind the wheel, so they included a feature for players to choose their own bonus round. You have three different options when in free spins mode and can choose either 12 free games with a 2x multiplier, 6 free games with a 4x multiplier, or 3 free spins with a 8x multiplier. This allows you to mix things up as Dracula and a She Devil roar onto the screen for a creepy drag racing showdown.

Moby Dick Slots IntroFor those hunting for a more traditional slot game in both theme and paylines, you’ll want to check out Moby Dick Slots, which is of course based on the famous novel of the same name by Herman Melville from 1851. It has an extreme nautical feel thanks to the ocean background behind the reels, and it even comes complete with symbols of Captain Ahab grimacing and Moby Dick’s gaping mouth and dangling uvula. Be warned: this game isn’t for those who get easily seasick because the ocean is constantly swelling and surging in the background with the scend of the ocean… and the graphics are very realistic.

A tale of this epic proportion requires a bonus round of an appropriate size, so Microgaming decided to have the free spins mode take place in the stomach of the great whale, surrounding you with his intimidating ribcage. Thankfully they give you a light and a harpoon to find your way out after you’ve cashed in on the bonus money lurking in his belly.

If you’re unsure which of these games is for you, check out this promotional video for Monster Wheels to see if you can handle the wild ride and furious, untraditional action. Buckle up!

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