Wild Rails Slots from Play’n Go is Your Ticket to an Amazing Journey

Wild Rails Slots Released by Play'n Go

This train is leaving the station so make sure a seat is reserved because this trip is like nothing seen before. Buckle up because Play’n Go’s new Wild Rails Slots has reels that spin horizontally, turning the traditional vertical board on its head.

Four rows of tracks bridge four tunnels between two mountains in this absolutely wonderful design, complete with lush vegetation and a blue sky in the background, with just the right amount of puffy clouds. This elegant scene is accentuated by a whimsical soundtrack of strings and wood instruments that transport users directly to the stuffy days of Downton Abbey.

Four unique character symbols adorn the unconventional reels, with both males and females looking extremely pompous and snooty. Their wardrobes burn off the screen with vibrant colors, their blinking eyes and physical gestures adding a very realistic touch to the steam-powered action. Standard elements of Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, and win multipliers are of course found in its 30 line frame, giving players expected elements to calm their senses.

As a company, we love trying out new concepts and ideas, confirmed Play’n Go CEO, Johan Törnqvist, at the launch event, as he adjusted his fake monocle and gently rubbed a button on the front of his bright blue steampunk suit jacket. He then leaned in and unexpectedly bellowed into the microphone, We’re currently on TRACK for our most successful year ever, and it is innovative games, like Wild Rails, that are going to continue that TRACK and lead us into the future!

The assembled media then groaned audibly at the prepared pun, as Törnqvist’s wide smile quickly disappeared and he hurriedly moved on to his closing remarks.

All aboard!

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