Playtech Rolls Back to the 1950s with Bowling Frenzy Slots

Bowling Frenzy Slots Launched from Playtech

Whether it’s Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, or Tom Petty and Axl Rose, everyone loves a good collaboration, especially if the results are unique. Now Playtech’s Vikings and SUNFOX studios put their heads together to create something that has people waxing nostalgic in addition to waxing balls.

This is a bowling-themed game that’s gonna knock users over like a pin on the receiving end of a ball smashing into a 4-10 split. Sporting 3D graphics, Bowling Frenzy Slots features two different free spins modes and an immersive bonus round in a neon alley. Here balls are tossed down the lane in hopes of knocking over as many pins as possible, as this determines the number of Wilds added to reels, or if King Pin Cash is triggered to reveal more special areas.

Numerous bowling images abound such as a greasy hamburger with french fries, freshly-disinfected rental shoes, and a classic pink American automobile. Then the game’s stars immediately conjure memories of Danny and Sandy from Grease, her dressed in jeans and varsity jacket, him in bad boy leather and greased pompadour. Not to mention, a frantic 1950s-inspired soundtrack adds to the illusion and will have toes tapping and heads swiveling.

Playtech are well-known for movie-themed releases focusing on DC Comics superheroes like Superman, Batman, and Aquaman, just to name a few. However, science fiction has also been tackled, launching the hugely popular Matrix Slots last year to much fanfare.

The great value of the multiple studio format is that each one brings their own distinct strengths to the table, bragged Playtech Casino Director, James Frendo. We’re very excited that two of those studios have worked together to create a graphically innovative title with compelling gameplay and a classic retro appeal.

Those seeking to relive the glory days of this traditional American pastime in virtual form will be absolutely head over heels.

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