Yggdrasil Gets Dark with Trolls Bridge 2 Slots

Yggdrasil Releases Troll Bridge 2 Slots

Ever since troll dolls came out over 50 years ago, people have been enamored with the green freakish creatures, many considering them “cute and misunderstood”. Now thanks to Yggdrasil, an updated breed of troll that’s chiseled and fierce has arrived, extremely reminiscent of World of Warcraft.

Last week a sequel to one of their more popular games is Trolls Bridge 2 Slots, available at Betsson under an exclusive agreement (for now). The original design got a face lift, upgrading it from “cartoon” to “nightmare fuel”. with none of the No one was intimidated by the original beasts, but this time these trolls are rolling up with an attitude, and bad gas. Some belch right in your face while chasing coins, and it’s as silly as it is offensive.

The old soundtrack was whimsical in nature with hopeful blasts of orchestral instruments similar to a movie score by Danny Elfman, but this new machine sounds foreboding and ominous. Dark music follows whether at Pick & Click Gate leading to a dungeon of free spins, or stirring up a Bonus Cauldron clamoring for complementary credits.

Troll’s Bridge was remarkably successful for Betsson, and later across our entire network, with tons of features and a theme that really resonated with players, blustered Jonas Strandman, Senior Product Strategist at Yggdrasil, as he raised his foam war hammer high above his head for all to see. His green face paint slowly began to drip onto the spiked shoulder pads of his well-built troll costume, as he continued to hurl bold statements towards the crowd.

It came about with a combination of their top-notch ideas and Yggdrasil’s tight execution. The collaboration for Troll’s Bridge 2 was no different, and the result is nothing short of mind-blowing, finishing his prepared statement with a satisfied grin. However, Strandman then started to grunt into the microphone incoherently, snorting and screeching for over two minutes until he was finally dragged off of the stage by security, bringing the press conference to a bizarre and welcomed conclusion.

Although this sequel is much darker in nature it can be assumed that Yggdrasil did market research to give the masses what they want. It doesn’t quite fall into the genre of horror slot games but it will certainly creep a few people out. At the very least, players should be thrilled whenever Colossal Troll smashes through the reels to hand out Wilds, adding to the other special effects hidden throughout.

Anyone wanting to check out the original Trolls Bridge Slots can do so for free below. Simply click anywhere on the image and the game will load directly in your device’s browser.

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