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Psycho Italian Movie Poster
Horror Movie Slots

For over a hundred years people have loved watching scary movies that frighten them or make them scream. Even before the invention of audio in… Read more Horror Movie Slots

Austin Powers Original Poster
Comedy Movie Slots

Who doesn’t love to laugh? I certainly prefer being happy to being scared, which is why anytime it was my turn to choose the movie… Read more Comedy Movie Slots

Terminator 2 Original Poster
Action Movie Slots

There was something absolutely magical about the movies of the 1980s and it’s by far my favorite decade for action films. The genre exploded like never… Read more Action Movie Slots

Gladiator Slots Main Image
Gladiator Slots

Review of Gladiator Slots Whether or not you like Russel Crowe you have to admit that Gladiator was one helluva movie. Based loosely on the Augustan History… Read more Gladiator Slots

Paramount Movie Theater
Movie Slots

Nothing packs people into theaters like a Hollywood blockbuster starring “A-List” celebrities and every year brings tons of new releases. Big budget movies also have… Read more Movie Slots

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